8525_1144786461110_1270974803_30410053_7211902_nSome people have jokingly said that I have multiple personalities, and maybe they are right, but as I always say…..there is a method to my madness.  I am one who like to take the different names and or titles that I have a separate them into the roles or growth of them.  For like my Apostolic teaching in which I believe in Jesus abides the fullness of the Godhead, yet one name and one person, I too have one name, which is Williams, but I wear many different hats.  I am T. Byron in my professional role, I am Elder Williams in my spiritual role, I am Daddy to my daughter, I am husband to my wife, and I could go on and on, but there is one role that many say that I should let go, as I am too old to play this role anymore.  But I cannot let it go, because it reminds me more than any name that I might go by and or title that I hold that Jesus loves me.  It holds precious memories of my childhood and the many mistakes that have cost me to reap what I have sowed.  Nevertheless, the name BUBBY is the name that I love the most.  It holds my laughter, it holds my dreams, and it holds my faith and my love for God, and again, His love for me.

I can remember talking to my Bishop, Bishop Alphonzo Brooks, and he was joking about me being called Bubby at age 50.  Yet it did make me think was it time to let Bubby go, but after more soul searching, I knew that I had to hold on Bubby the even more.   One must understand that T. Byron was trained by godly parents how to be professional and reverent God.  T. Byron was taught how to be a father and a man, by a great man and father, I was taught how to look for a godly woman who could be physically attractive and yet be holy by my mother, taught how to respect my elders and if failed in any of these things I had no one to blame but me.  T. Byron was taught well.

Elder Williams was trained to be a minister of the gospel by his father, the Late Elder Elijah Williams.  Elder Williams was trained by great men such as Bishop A.D. Brooks, Bishop Walter Thompson, Sr., Bishop Ronald A. Frazier, and others.  I knew Acts 2:38, before I knew John 3:16 and convinced without a showdown of doubt that Jesus Christ is God alone.   Taught how to prepare a sermon, taught how to visit the sick, taught how to lead devotional service, and taught how to counsel, and so on.    I often say that T. Byron was taught how to play the role and Elder Williams was taught how to fulfill the role, or the calling on his life.   So why Bubby?

Bubby sees all that T. Byron and Elder Williams sees, but he just says it differently, but Bubby understands that he was born in sin and shaped in iniquity so much better than any of the other roles.  Bubby understands that while he was yet in sin, Christ died for Bubby.  (Gonna preach this soon).    Bubby like T. Byron and Elder Williams had all the training they had, but Bubby took that same training and still committed fornication, still lied, still lust, still did things that was contrary to the will of God, and still had favor over his life.

Many of the friends that Bubby grew up with are either dead or in jail, and yet Bubby with all of his many mistakes and sins, have been called to preach the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many cannot look past the collar that Elder Williams wear or the suit and tie that T. Byron wear, but if you look deep Bubby is always there.   As my shout and praise is all because God so loved Bubby that He gave His only begotten Son.  As Satan could care less about T. Byron and Elder Williams, as he knows that Bubby can reach those that Elder Williams can never reach.   Satan wanted Bubby dead, because he knew if Bubby was dead I could never tell how that in my depression, how God gave Bubby his laughter again.  If Bubby was dead, he could never share how even in a backsliding state, God was there all the time to bring me back each time.   Why Bubby, because Bubby was lost in sin, but Jesus took Bubby in.  As God prove his love toward Bubby by chastening him and as a loving father will do.   So I will never let go of Bubby, because as he often says…..THERE IS A METHOD TO HIS MADNESS.

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