Just Thinking Special ModeAs one who has been called (and I say that not bragging) to bring the gospel in a new, but yet challenging way, here you will find the teachings of Agape Worldwide Ministries.  Sometime its raw, sometime it’s encouraging, sometime it’s controversial, and sometime it’s even confusing, but it’s always done it the Agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  A PLACE CALL AGAPE is a place with a fresh anointing, yet holding on the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. As we are moving in new exciting way, yet inspired by an old skool state of mind.

There is no subject, no area of discussion, no doctrine, or ideology that can be label taboo….the church has questions that church be answered only by the church through the leading of the Lord.  If you are looking for cute slogans or clichés, A PLACE CALL AGAPE is not the place.  If you are looking for balance, you have found the right place, but you are looking for compromise, A PLACE CALL AGAPE is not the one.  If you are looking for judgment and condemnation, this is not the place again, but if you are looking for accountability and the grace of God, AGAPE is the place.

So sit back and read, leave your comments, as I tell everyone, you may not always agree, but I promise you that you never forget your visit to A PLACE CALL AGAPE    

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