“I” Byron

100_1036One of my favorite authors of the Bible, though Christ is the author,  so may it would be better to say one of my favorite people used by God to write is the Apostle Paul.  And though Paul wrote that “all” scriptures are inspired by the God, so in other words Paul was saying if you don’t like it, don’t blame me, it came from God.

Yet there was time when Paul took the liberty to put his own spin or thoughts in the Holy writ, but when he did, I like what or how Paul would put it,  saying that it was “I Paul” not God, or I speak of myself, and not of commandment.

So since A PLACE CALLED AGAPE is an Apostolic movement, moved by the Holy Ghost, but there are times that I want to speak on subjects that have no theological stance, not based upon the doctrine of the church, just on how I feel, so sit back and read, a need to vent, so disagree is you want…..because here comes “I BYRON”.

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