Why I Do What I Do

district 3 picA question was asked of me the other day that I have danced around before, but never really answered.  The question was why do I preach?  First of all, I don’t’ think that I preach, when I think of preachers, I think of Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and  of course my pastor and Bishop, Bishop Alphonzo  D. Brooks. Not to say that these men are not true pastors and leaders of God’s people, but they have an anointing on their life that can set a church on fire.  So does leave me as a teacher, not really, when I think of teachers, I think of men that have taught me so much about ministry, such as Bishop Walter Thompson, Sr., Dr. Ronald A. Frazer, Elder Alton Pettus, and of course, my late father, the Late Elder Elijah Williams.   So to be honest, I really don’t know what category to put me in; I just do what I do.  As I still duck the question

So do I preach, in a very theological way, because before the foundation of the earth, God choose me to proclaim his gospel?  Because it was predestined and there is an anointing on my life, then you have your answer from a biblical prospective, but since God has placed on me an anointing to reach others in a real sort of way, I cannot be happy with that answer, and neither should you.

First of all, if I am to be truthful, if I had my choice, being in the ministry in a place of leadership would be the last thing that I would ever want to do.  AND STILL DON’T.  Being the son of a pastor,  a 3rd generation of Apostolic preachers, I know the ups and the downs of being God’s minister.  Being a minister for me has been a very lonely life, my mistakes have been enlarged, my victories made small.  If one falls short in the pew, we pray and restore them, if the preacher fall short, they are not deserving of the same grace of God.  Preaching has given more than I deserved, yet it has cost so much as well, much due to my fault.   But the good outweighs the bad, so I won’t complain.

I would be so happy to sit in the last row of the church, in the last pew on the end, just before the usher, who serves by the door that leads to the exit.  If I can be truthful, I don’t hate being a preacher, but I surely do not like it.  That is why I have no desire to be a Bishop, or overseer, district elder, or any other position that hold high leadership of an organization or in the body of Christ, being a pastor (though high within itself) is good enough for me.  I have no desire to be a pastor of a mega church; to me they are only C.E.O.’s.  Because if the day comes that I am too big to preach the church janitor homegoing service, I have lost way of being a pastor.  But that just me, so pay me no mind, I am just rambling.  And I sure don’t’ preach for money (if I am, then someone is cheating me).  I don’t preach for pastoral and ministry anniversary, if I don’t like coming to others, then why should I want others to come to mines.  Not that anything is wrong with them; I am just not a very social guy, if I can be truthful.  But even though preaching is not my choice for a life calling, I used to hear my father say and I agree, some preach for fame, some for fortune, some preach for a living, but I am preaching for my life…..I truly believe God will kill me if I didn’t preach.

But the main reason that I preach is the reason that I feel (wait a minuet) the reason that I know is because there is a realness that the church is looking for, and the world as a whole that the Lord has put on me.  Not that I like it, but the Lord has called me to deal with real issues, for real people, from a real God.  Through my struggles with my flesh, of depression, a broken marriage, unemployment, God wants someone to tell his people that He can do more than make you rich, but that He loves you.   I preach not to show you how much Bible I know, but how much God I know and that He understand every temptation that you struggle with as well as myself.  That He does not sit on a big throne in Heaven, waiting to slap you upside the head, waiting for you to mess up, but He wants you to come to Him as a loving father, even when you have messed up.  I preach in my own way, no high fives, no telling your neighbors, but just being real, sometime too real for church folks, but yet reaching those that have been rejected in and outside of the church.   In closing I preach, ministered, teach, or whatever you want to call it……because I don’t know, but I do what I do, because I love the Lord. I do what I do, because of the emails that I get, asking prayer because of a blog that I wrote, saying you have touched a subject that the church won’t deal with with.  The reason that I do what i do is simple,  I want just want to tell you about Jesus.  And if I have expose myself to glorify Him, then so be it, because that is the reason that I preach.

I keep telling you that there is a method to my madness

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