100_2292If you are Baptist, COGIC, AME, Catholic, Methodist, or any other denomination, besides of the Apostolic faith, then this blog is not for you. It’s for the ones who have been baptized in Jesus Name, and hold to the doctrine that in Jesus Christ abides the fullness of Godhead, which makes him the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost Now that we have an understanding of our audience, I have a question…….ARE YOU STILL APOSTOLIC?

As one who would die for the Apostle’s doctrine, nevertheless, I would be the last one who would send one to Hell, over doctoral difference. But again, biblical, I still hold that Jesus Christ is God alone and salvation comes through obeying Acts 2:38 But who God allows to have eternal life is His business. So I have no issues with fellowshipping with those of other faiths, they are not my enemies. My problem is when one compromises their faith and their beliefs in the name of fellowship.

Either Jesus is God alone, or He is part of Godhead trinity. Either the baptism in Jesus name is correct, or the baptism in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is correct. Either one must obey Acts 2:38, or the sinner’s prayer can save someone, but as Bishop John T. Leslie says…..”Everybody Can’t Be Right”. And its time to stop straddling the fence, are you Apostolic or not.

It is clear that we don’t have a heaven or hell to send anyone to, but what happens to the boldness that we once had that would declare proudly, it’s a fact that God and Christ are one. But now we have watered down are beliefs, so we can get on TBN, so we can preach at the major conferences, and so on. I believe in unity of the faiths and denominations, but not to the point of selling out on what I believe, or teach.

Do I stand in a Baptist, COGIC, or in any church pulpit that don’t believe as I and send to them to Hell, no, a thousand time no. Too much Bible to preach from to do that and cause conflicts between the Christian communities. But at the same time, I will not mute my beliefs in the name of fellowship and unity, if asked if I feel the Trinitarian doctrine is biblical or not.

So are we still Apostolic, or have we become more Pentecostals. More concern about the spiritual manifestations, than the Word of God. Do we still believe when it comes down to water baptism, that he that believes AND IS BAPTIZED shall be saved, he that believes not, shall be damned? Do we still believe the words of Jesus when He said (not T. Byron)….he that sees me, sees Him that sent me, again, are we still Apostolic. Do we still hold to the fact that there nowhere in the Bible someone was ever baptized in the titles, Father, Son, or Holy Ghost, yet in one passage over 3,000 souls was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, along with other passages of scriptures back up this formula, again, I ask, are you still Apostolic.

In closing, this is not attack against my brothers and sisters of others faiths, you are not my foes. This is for those who confessed to be Apostolic and say that water baptism in the Name of Jesus or Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is all one and the same. Or those who say water baptism is not needed at all. Those who say it’s not important how you believe in Jesus, as long as you believe. When Jesus said to believe on me as the scriptures have said. To those I ask……ARE YOU STILL APOSTOLIC

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