The Head (2012)

Let me say before I get started that a lot of what I will say can be found in a 3 part lesson I taught back in 2002, and if you desire the full lessons on the family, it can be sent to you by emailing me at

In this day of 50/50 marriage, the Word of God is still the final say so in how a marriage should be….”As Christ is the head of the Church, so is the man the head of the woman”.  This is not Byron, but it’s the Word of God.  And I could go on, and on, in Genesis, it tells that the man shall have “rule’ over the woman.  But it is not my desire to prove the man is the head here in this blog, but more to show what are the responsibilities of being the head, as Ray Charles once said….it’s cost to be the boss.     

One of the key points of being the head is the way that the husband treats his wife. The wife is not someone to be taken advantage of, to beat on, or to be misused.  Paul told us through the Holy Ghost how to treat our wives….”Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;” (Ephesians 5:25).  You wanna be the head, then love your wife, like Christ loved the Church.  How does Christ love the Church?   He cherishes the Church, He blesses the Church, He protects the Church, and He keeps His word to the Church.  Why? Because the Church will be His Bride, but still here the toughest part….and gave His life for it.  You want to be the husband that God has called you to be, young lady if you want a husband that God call him to be, be one, or find that is willing to.  Die to singleness, die to selfishness, die, as just we must to our sins, to become saved, the husband must die as well to be that which God has cause the man to be.

When a man takes a wife, the Bible says that the two are no longer two, but they become flesh. So anytime a man abuses his wife physically, or even mentally, not only is he less than a man, but he is abusing himself.  Yes! You have rule over, in other words, the man does have the final say so, but it does mean that the woman have no say at all.  For she is to be treated as the weaker vessel, it never said that she is the weaker one, but to treat her as if, she was, meaning to protect her.  But at the same time believe you me, there is nothing weak about a woman.  As the man is the head, the woman is the neck, and head cannot stand without a neck. 

For it was the woman who was made for the man, not the man who was made for the woman…brothers we were one in need, not the woman.  God made the woman to help the man, not vice versa.  So the woman is not some weak person who opinions and thoughts are not be considered, she is the helpmeet, because the man, though the head, he does need help.   There so much more that I could say about the headship of the man, for example, it is his job not only to work and provide, but he also suppose to leave an inheritance for his family to build on.

So in closing, it cause to be the boss, for being the headship is more than a title, but it is a commandment from God, to all He has given this responsibility, shall be held responsible.

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