THE BLOOD (2015)

gay-blood-donor-31829Let me start out by saying that I love my country, but even in love; I don’t always trust the people that run this country, and never will.  History also has shown me that my lack of trust is backed by the path it has walked.  Now let us move to December of 2016.

The United States government, on Monday, December 14, 2006, overturned its 30 year ban on blood donations by gay men, saying they can now donate 12 months after their last sexual contact with another man. The Food and Drug Administration said its decision to reverse the policy was based on an examination of the latest science which shows that an indefinite ban is not necessary to prevent transmission of HIV, virus that causes AIDS.  Now there is a debate on if the HIV virus can lay dormant or not, but it can be there for years without showing any signs.

So what the government is asking us to trust that a that full fledged homosexual man that says that he hasn’t had sex in a year, as though we should find comfort in that.  Trust that a virus that may or may not be there, trust in a homosexual that might or might not be celibate.  It’s tough enough to trust straight folks, as God only knows what you are getting into with ones with multiple sleeping partners, fornicating all over the place. Knowing this why should I trust the government of the United States of American?  How many unmoral acts this country has hidden in the name of research, so to trust this country whole heartily would be ignorant at its best.

But spiritually, why should I trust the transfusion blood of one God said has a reprobate mind, and worthy of death.  One that God said that their very sexual act is abomination in His eyes. Is that the blood of one you would trust?

There is only one blood transfusion that I trust.  The blood that Jesus shed, way back on Calvary, as reaches to the highest mountain, and it flows to the lowest valley.  That’s the only blood I trust.   As what can wash away my sins, nothing but the Blood of Jesus, as that is the only blood transfusion I trust.    But the trust to the blood of a system that has forgotten God and returning to Hell is ludicrous in its fullness.  If ever before, we need to plead the BLOOD OF JESUS……like never before.

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