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I have posted, I have said it, and I will forever stand by it…..


 Some have called me distant, unfriendly, aloft, and I am sure you have your opinions as well.  But judge me fairly, is all that I ask.  Unless you know how if feels to have never fitted in anywhere in life, not in school, not in church, and even in my family to a certain degree.  One who has always so it a little bit different than the norm, being like George Bernard Shaw, “some see things as they are and ask why, I dream of things that never were, and say why not”


 I grew up in an old fashion Apostolic Pentecostal church, where everything was sin outside the church.  But I thank God for my father who gave me balance in my life, outside of my church world.  So I had friends outside of the church, I had friends at school, and in the neighborhood.  But even then, there were limitations to our friendships, because there were just some things I couldn’t do.  I could play sports with you, but I couldn’t go to the parties and the clubs.  So when it came to do those things that children do that are labeled mischievous, though I was no angel, far from it, my friends knew that it only so far that Byron would go.  As I grew from childhood, through my teen years, and now an adult, it is still the same.  I can joke with you at work, but I’m not going to the club afterwards.  I don’t go dancing, I don’t go to bars, I don’t play the lottery, I don’t drink, thus we can be sociable, we can laugh, but because of my upbringing, and my own choices today, there will always be a fork in the road.  Why! Because I just don’t fit in.


Now this is three-fold in its meaning.  Being born Pentecostal, especially back in the 60’s when everyone was not speaking in tongues; I automatically felt on the outside looking in.   Back then everyone did not serve the Lord like we did, so we were look at a bunch of nuts, with all of that carrying on. But being born Apostolic, even other Pentecostals looked at us  as a cult.  They baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, we baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, they believed in a Trinitarian doctrine, (God in three persons), while we believed in an Oneness doctrine (one God who manifests himself in three roles).  So before T.D. Jakes, before Noel Jones, no one would fellowships with us, and we didn’t want to fellowship with others as well.   So I had no choice to be on the outside looking in, and we wore it proudly.

But what this part really means for me is not so much the doctrine, but workings of the modern church.  You see, I am not into church banquets, amour bearers, and the “prosperity” gospel.  I rather that you are saved than rich.  I rather hear a good sermon on holy living than to go to a gospel concert with men wearing earrings.  I am concern about the divorce rate in the church, and do not believe in re-marriage when your first mate is alive. So I have problems with pastors who have been married two and three times.  I teach though saved, you will still have trial and tribulations in this life, so I’m not into the bumper sticker gospel and self denial of troubles. I just believe that the Lord will carry you through.  And while I believe whole heartily in the apostolic doctrine, but I also teach that it is by the love that we show that the world will know that we are of Christ.   As I am not into titles, if you want you can call me Byron, so be it, if you want to identify me as in Christ, Brother Williams will do.  I rather that you have a relationship with Christ than by a 7 CD or DVD series.  Again, I just don’t fit in the modern church.


Yet with all of my ways, being one who never fits in with the crowd, I still hear Jesus in my lonely moments (and Yes! it can be lonely) but I can hear him say……but I will never leave you or forsake you.  I find that God loves and accepts me when the my unsaved friends go their way and my saved friends go their way, and I find myself not wanting to go either way, because I don’t understand them, he is still there.   As the norm is not the normal for me.  It’s not normal to be married three times, it’s not normal for Church folks to be more concerned about their pocket book than souls, it’s just not normal to me.  Teen age pregnancy is not normal to me, spousal abuse is not normal to me, saved and depressed is not normal to me, and while others drink it away or shout it away, I choose to look it in the face, and the let the Lord take it away in the word of God.

So I find myself just right for God, as He told me to come to him, with all of my issues, all of my offbeat ways, and that He would give me rest.   So in the end, I am comfortable in not really fitting in, because I rather please God than man, be the man (or woman) saved or unsaved, I rather please God.  Am I perfect, nope, do I have all the answers, sure don’t, but I do know that I walk to the beat of a different drummer.  Yet in all my ways and the way that I see things, in the end I know God loves me, mistakes and all, He loves me and He saved.  So what I don’t fit in….. I am just right for God.

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  1. Amen Hallelujah

  2. Bro. Williams, I came upon your blog by way of looking up further youtubes on the late Bishop David Ellis. It is rare in this day and time to find someone outside of my church body “New Born Lighthouse Churches of the Apostolic Faith” speaking the same things we are taught. May God every bless you with courage to speak the truth.

    • God bless you for the kind words, Sister Hall. Though my teachings can be somewhat out of the box at times, at the same time I am ole time Apostolic, and I’m not doubting about the way.

      Continue to keep me in your prayers, as I will too the same for you and all the saints at New Born Lighthouse Churches of the Apostolic Faith. If it’s God will maybe one day we will be able to fellowship together. God bless you once again.

  3. Sir Byron,
    I am speechless and utterly amazed by your words; beliefs, mantra. I knew that there was something different about you, when unconsciously comparing you to others. At 12 years old, I read the Bible from the beginning to the end, instilling in me many virtues that I hold to this day. However, your teachings reminded me of things that I am not proud of, things that I excused as antics of one who is desperate or misguided. In some parts, true. All of that to say, YOU can easily be followed by others in your shere beliefs, however aggressive. Surely, they are aggressive, yet, on point. And, I must tell you that, out of every Leader who teaches, proclaims Jesus as their model, you are the first to touch my soul.
    Being a seventh child, among other things growing up, your life almost mirrored mine, only, I was not as strong to withstand. I commend you because I know that you practice what you preach..I am going to introduce your teachings to my children, especially my son. I know that he, my son, will applaud because his values are somewhat similar. Your blog site is remarkable, very user-friendly, and appealing. I will visit it on a daily basis. Thank you very much.

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