Not Good For Man (at least not this one) To Be Alone

Picture 019I have a friend, who is a co-labor in the Lord and has a gift that I do not want. SINGLENESS.  He says that he does not want to get married and that he is able to control his nature, then if so, God bless him, but it’s not for me. Now the Apostle Paul did say that it was not good for a man to touch a woman (or to be married) and that he wished that all was like him (single).  And I do agree that being in the ministry; marriage can take time away from your ministry, as the Bible declares that the single man thinks on the things of the Lord, while the married man thinks on the things of God.  So being single and in ministry does give you more time to devote to God.

 But we must also righty divide the Word of God, because Paul lets us know that this was just his opinion, but when he spoke of commandment (under the direction of the Holy Ghost), he said that if a man could not contain himself, it’s best for him to marry than to burn in his own lust. As every man should have hi own wife and every wife her own husband.   So while I do respect the opinion of Paul and believe that his writings were of God, unless he said so, but God himself said it was NOT GOOD THAT MAN SHOULD BE ALONE,  and on that I will always hang my head.   So I will just stick with Jesus Gospel over Paul opinion.

Being sexist, as some have called me, I don’t think so, I am just in the Book.  As the Bible teaches and I believe that as Christ is the head of the Church, so is the man the head of the woman, and I believe that is true, in the church, in the home, I believe the man is the head.….enough said.   But I need someone in my life if I am to be a head, or I am a head without a body, thus I have no authority.  But still the fact remain that though God has given man this authority,  when it was all said and done,  God let it be know it was not good for a man to be by himself (bout to put the Bible down and get real, and stay in the book).  So for this reason says the Bible in 1st Corinthians 11:9 that the woman was made for the man, not the man for the woman.  Do I believe as the some women liberationist would teach that man is not needed…, a thousands time no, but I do believe that in the long run, the man need the woman so much more than woman need a man.  God said that man needed a helpmeet; he never said that about a woman.   Now it’s time for Bubby… (Yet with a collar)

Now I must admit, I do believe that one can live save and single, but it’s not for me. I struggle being alone.  If I could take the liberty of putting my name in that passage it would read….it’s not good for Bubby to be alone.  I need a woman, not women, but a woman in my life, if not I will struggle with my walk with the Lord.  I know Paul said that everyday we must fight our flesh, but sometime the best way to fight it is to give it was it needs, as long as it is lined up in the Word of God, and God said that marriage is honorable.   To be honest I preach better with a wife in my life, I live holy much more easier with a wife in my life,  my eyes don’t wander not as much (being honest) with a woman in my life.  Doing this time of separation from my wife, I have thanked God for grace, knowing that the scriptures say that I have already sinned if I look upon a woman with lust.  Not touch, just look….how many are repenting with me.   But in the long run, facts show that men we just don’t do well for the most part without a woman, as I wrote a paper years ago (can’t find it) that I am not the Apostle Paul…..I love having a woman in my life.  When death takes a one away from another, facts show that men marry again, much quicker than woman do.  Why because we need them, so much more than they need us.   I know for a fact that I need my wife, much more than she needs me.

So what am I saying as I take my seat….dudes we need women much more than they need us?  Men are big babies, we need to be encourage, we need to be support, and so do the woman, but I just feel we need it more.  Yes! I am the head of my family, but I am as good as the body that I am leading.   No CEO, no President, nobody but Jesus, can do it alone.  So when it comes down to Elder T. Byron (Bubby) Williams….I speak under the leading of the Holy Ghost and in the power, and the authority of the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that it is not good for Bubby to be alone.  And when the rest of you stop lying….you know it’s not good for you too.   The Rev. Al Green said it best…..



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  1. I certainly agree 100% with that. It is very hard as it is for many of us serious men looking for a good woman to share our life with since most of the women today are nothing like the Real Good Ladies that we had years ago. there are so many other men that God has Blessed to have met the love of their life with a family that many of us would had really wanted as well. what about us God?

  2. Right Reverend, Elder, Bishop Byron…I was legitimately working when I came upon your website..I stopped and i browsed, and I read…and I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this post…I LOVE HOW YOU KEEP IT REAL…which I can relate to.,,. I am now persuaded to take some time on this walk and read every post…because IT IS THE REALNESS THAT BRINGS THE LIGHT…AND THE HUMOR HELPS TO SNUGGLE UP TO REAL AND really come to the conclusion of he whole matter which is Lying just don’t do it..faking it is just not making it..REAL IS WHAT THE PEOPLE NEED….REAL DELIVERANCE…I LOVE THAT. KEEP WRITING AND FREE THE PEOPLE..FOR REAL!!!

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