ElderWilliamsAnew2-1Today the Body of Christ is face with many challenges, none more important than the Great Commission, of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But we in troubling and challenging times, which makes being a witness even more important. 

Or moral stance must even stronger than the apostles who helped pinned the Word of the Lord, thousands and thousand years of go. The temptations are many, the fight for holiness in a world that is trying to make the Bible absolute, and righteousness something of the past.

Here at A PLACE CALL AGAPE, we’ve tried to face those challenges, with holiness boldness and with moral conviction. Not only but under the leading of God, we’ve tried to show where the church is failing.  To show the importance of how we present ourselves to an ever changing world, and how to adjust, but not compromise. The challenges are many, but upon this rock the Church of Jesus Christ shall prevail, and face the many the many battles that is before us.

Published on July 14, 2016 at 9:12 am  Comments Off on THE CHALLENGES OF THE CHURCH  
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