The Wife (2012)

One of the hardest lessons to teach in a modern woman liberated world is the role of the wife, with a biblical view. But nevertheless, the Word of God stands assured, and it doesn’t matter if it is the 20th or the 21st century, or whenever, it does not change.

For we know that the Bible says that the man is the man is the head of the woman, just as the Christ is the head of Church.  I know in the Book of Genesis that the Man was given rule over the woman, and her desires shall be unto her husband.  So does this mean that the man can just dog the woman, and she just take it, because he made a vow, “until death do we part” or because she was commanded by God to submit herself unto her husband.  These are the questions that we must ask and answer as we go into the role of the Woman in God’s will in marriage.

However, the problem is that God doesn’t exactly give us leeway in His Word for whether those in authority are good or bad. We are told to obey our governmental authorities, even if they don’t do those things we like. It appears to apply here as well. Peter also tells women to win their husbands to the Lord by their chaste actions in 1st Pete4 3:1-2.

If a man isn’t saved, or isn’t acting Godly, that doesn’t excuse his wife from being submitted to him. In a way, it increases her responsibility, so that she may win him to the Lord. God can use that ungodly husband to mold the woman into the image that He wants her to be.   So if one husband is not acting saved, you mean the wife must still submit unto him? God gives special instruction to those who find themselves in an unequally yoked marriage. Yet, he still commands them to be in subjection to their unsaved husbands. In fact, Paul tells us that her submission may be the very vehicle in which God uses to bring her husband to salvation. Read 1st Peter 3: 1-5.

God did not say, “if he does this, you must do that.” Or “if he doesn’t obey, then you don’t have to either.” He plainly stated what each person’s responsibility is, and it is not contingent upon the obedience of the other party. Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. Colossians 3:18. It does NOT say, “As long as the husband is obeying God or loving his wife as Christ loved the Church.” How many ladies could make a claim on that one? This could be reversed for men as well. Does the husband not have the responsibility to love his wife and children unless they are obeying him? Should he only love her if she is consistently submitting to him as unto the Lord? There would be a very many unloved wives many days if that were the case.  So if I would stop here, it would seem that the woman gets the short end of the stick in marriage…….

You see, the husband must give account for the way that he ruled over his wife. The wife responsibility is to obey God through His Word and submit to your husband. The wife is not responsible to make sure that the husband is obeying God or demanding that He love you as you see fit. God will deal with him. If he is making a bad decision, but the wife is submitting in a Godly fashion, God can still use the situation because you are obediently staying within God’s order. If you try to take over and “rule,” the whole situation could blow up in your face. (even if your decision was in fact, the “right” decision.) The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:11-12.  However, a wife who will try to manipulate her way in a matter, obviously belittling her husband’s decision, is not Biblically submitting and will probably not be asked by her husband for her guidance.

What the Bible does command men to do is love their wives. Actually, the word used is the Greek “agape” love. The same type of love our God displays towards us. However, somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the meaning of this word. Agape is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word “haceed.” Although they had the word in their language, the Greeks didn’t use it, as they didn’t know what it meant. It actually came from OT covenant. In that context, haceed means “To have an overwhelming desire to give of yourself to the other person, for their benefit, no matter what it costs you.” That’s what men are supposed to do to their wives!  So in short the woman is supposed to submit, but the man is suppose to die…..uhmmm.

I would ask that you let me apologized for throwing a lot of information and likely left you with many more questions.  That is why I want offer you the complete lesson if you email me at, along with two other subjects on the Husbands, and Marriage and Divorce. 

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