New In Robe AnticOne of the most important fascist in the plan of God to mankind is the family. Down through the years God has worked through the family, He commanded man and woman to multiply, in order to create families.  The family was created before the church, as blessings have been placed upon the families that serves the Lord.

But also know that Satan hates the family, just as much as God loves it.  He is doing everything he can to bring down the family.  It has been the mention of this ministry to do everything that I can do to strengthen the family through biblical principles and prepare itself for the attack of the enemy, through the power of God.  GOD BLESS OUR FAMILY.    

Agape Worldwide Ministries, the Lord has placed upon me a burden to address an issue that is under demonic attack, which issue being the FAMILY.  The Godly principles that we once build the family is slowly been put to the side as obsolete, and to many seem outdated and no longer needed.  With such laws as same-sex marriages, common law, and just plain ole shacking up, is the Word of God just a outdate book of laws, no longer relevant to today’s world. 

So has economy and absent fathers changed the role of the mothers in today household, and what the role of the father, who has been called to be the head.  How do we raise our children, in a much different society than I grew up?   Someone said it take a village to raise a child, but what happens when the village is now full of child molesters and pedophiles.

What is the role of a submissive wife, and can she be submissive when she makes more money than the man.  How do we raise our children in a electronic world and when courts is telling us how and how not to raise them.

 For these are the questions and so much more that the Lord has laid upon me.  As usual, a lot of the principles that I will be teaching were taught as a child and a young man, but it through my failures that I have learned the most.  So I share with you so that you will not have to taste the pain or go through the agony of what I deal with each and every day.   

It is my hope and my prayer that in some small way families will be healed, relationships will be mended this year and  God will get the glory through a ministry that He has ordained called Agape Worldwide Ministries in A PLACE CALLED AGAPE.  

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