Dr. Ronald A. Frazier


Ok, let us get the formalities out of the way, as the life of Bishop Ronald A. Frazier is one to admire in the Body of Christ and the people of God. Dr. Frazier was called to the ministry on June 7, 1974, at the age of 15. He received a Bachelors of Religious Education from Valley Forge Christian College, a Masters in Religious Education from the International Seminary, and a Ph.D. and Doctorate in Ministry from Logos Graduate School.

Dr. Frazier has been featured on BET in connection with his affiliation with the Great Dads Program. He is the former Principal of Holy Temple Christian Academy, former Dean of the Apostolic Christian College, and former Church Administrator for the Way of the Cross Church. He was also a Media Specialist for the Prince George’s County Public Schools. In 1999, Ronald A. Frazer, founded Christ Church Way of the Cross Church of Christ.

Dr. Frazier is married to Allison Scott-Frazier, and they have four beautiful daughters, Jasmine, Janel, Joy, and JorDonna. In 2008, Ronald Frazier was ordained a bishop by the Way of the Cross Churches of Christ International. OK, enough formalities, let me tell you about the Ronald (Ron) that that is closer than any brother.

When I return to the Way of the Cross Church of Christ in 1990, five years after the death of my father, I was a mess. Yes! Called to preach, but had no desire to do so, if the Lord had not instructed me to return the Way of the Cross, under the leadership of Bishop A.D. Brooks, I would have never done it on my own. Upon my return, I heard about a christian college that was at the Way of the Cross, the dean of the school, Dr. Ronald A. Frazier. I had heard of him, but never met him personally. So let it be said when the final page is written about my life, make sure it is said that coming back to the Way of the Cross was one of the biggest blessings in my life, as the Lord led me to meet Ron Frazier.

Though only one year older than I, Ron has been a confidant, an advisor, a friend, and a brother in every sense of the word. Ron has been there for me, even when I didn’t want him to and always showing the Love of God. His wife has become a almost a second mother (though I am older) but definitely a sister who I know I can depend on. He has advised me on how to raise a daughter, with four of his own, thus a no brainer, along with his wife Allison; they are the god-parents to my daughter.

As time has gone on, our ministries have taken us in different paths, so we don’t talk as much as we use to. But I know without a doubt that I could pick up the phone at any time, I could call him and know that Ron would be there. Being my friend is not easy, but Ron has taken the challenge, with my many mistakes and faults, his friendship has never wavered.

The Bible says that “all things work for the good for them that love the Lord, and who are the called according to his purpose. Though not my choice and still very painful, but if my father had not died, I would have never return to the Way of the Cross, thus never having the friendship that came about. In life we meet people who we are lucky enough to come in contact with,  then some who we are unlucky to meet, and then we meet people who we are blessed to know…..Bishop Dr. Ronald A. Frazier is one who I count a blessing. And though I do respect the calling on his life….to me he will always be just Ron.

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  1. I have known the doctor for some years now what a wonderful person

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