Gay Rights (2010)

There is no minister alive or dead, or to be born is against homosexuality more than I.  I still feel as it written in the Word of God that it is an abomination and those who knew of the Lord and took on a homosexual lifestyle are worthy of death, as stated in Romans, the 1st chapter. Even on the natural side, I feel it’s so disgusting for two people of the same sex to be involved with each other in a perverted act.  Not sex, but perverted at his very worse.  As one who grew up in a environment that was famous for sending folks to Hell, hopefully I have grown from that, but I do feel comfortable in saying that no practicing homosexual, without a inch of repentance, will not see the Lord face in peace.   

But at the same time, even with my old fashion Pentecostal beliefs, who can appreciate the grace of God, as all have sinned, I can see now that we have handle the homosexual issue in the church completely wrong.  I have written before how the church has hid it, turn it back on it, and cover it up with a great musical ministry.  But at the same time I see the other side of the coin, because though we try to put sin in one category, the fact is that the path that led to the sin might be different.  Not everyone woke up believing the lie that they were born or created homosexual or lesbian, but some where influence by sick adults, teachers, and even ministers who led them down this road of perversion.  Am I excusing it, no way Joes, but if they are to be healed, then the love of God must be the answer, and not the wrath of God.  Leave the wrath to the Lord.

I can identify with the one who sits in the pew and while in church, suddenly a gentleman comes into church, switching, with all the feminine traits.   I can identify with the sickness and commendation that you feel, with only a fiery Hell to be their ending….been there, done that.  But I feel led by the Lord in saying that this not the answer, as Christ died for the homos, fags, dikes, sissies, or whatever name we call, the fact remain he died.  And the same power that saved me from my sins, even the ones that I am still struggling with, can make them a new creation in Christ Jesus.  But messages of sending them to Hell each and every Sunday are not the answer.  Yes! Hell is real and we must not get away from this biblical truth, but also there is a biblical truth that the power of God can make even the homosexuals white as snow.  And if we preach this message, then maybe we can make easier for the homosexual to come unto the Lord, with all their heavy burdens and find rest from homosexuality.

In closing, I say again that homosexuality is of the devil, anytime a man can look at another man and get horny, got to be of the devil.  But it is my desire that when I reopen Agape Way of the Cross Church to have a homosexuality ministry.  Not sure how I am going to run, listing to the Lord for direction.   But I do know that it must be held in the strict of confidence, because the church as a whole cannot handle homosexuality.   Some of us still send the young girl who has an abortion, or a baby out of wedlock to hell, instead of loving them back with the same grace that has cover us.  Am I saying that we socialize with homosexuals, have lunch with them, no I am not saying that at all.    Homosexuality is a demonic spirit, and we must be careful of the company we keep, as spirits can be transferable.  But the love of God and power of God, through prayer in Christ Jesus can go where I cannot go.      

So we have a long way to go in handling this issue.  I thank God for the ministry that God has given me, as Agape is just not a catchy name, the motto is not a catchy phrase, as I believe with all of my heart that is not God’s will that any should perish, but all should come to repentance….even the homosexuals.   As Gay people do have rights, the right to be saved.

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