My Calling (Part 2)

100_1686So let me continue, Let me explained my calling. My ministry is not the norm, as I have no desire to be a bishop, apostle, district elder, to be truthful, I’ m not to happy on being a pastor, but I do know God has called me to a certain, group of people.  Please understand, I am not knocking those in leadership of an organization, they are needed and called of God, but he just didn’t call me for that.  I wasn’t called to wear collars or robes, though I do wear them at times, due to obedience, but I wasn’t call for 

As time when on, as the Lord begin my ministry, He told me to reach REAL people, who are seeking REAL answers, and tell them that He is a very REAL GOD.  So because of that many time my teachings often offend or upset those in leadership. I cannot tell you how many emails I have gotten saying that I shouldn’t have taught or shared a certain subject.  But when I get emails from people, even their own members, saying thank you, as my church does not teach on that, thank you, as I can go to you and ask questions that I don’t feel my pastor understand, then I know I am on the right path.  As my teachings can go from salvation to masturbation, go from biblical marriage, to martial abuse, all in fulfilling the commandment to reach those that the church has forgotten.

My blog site A PLACE CALL AGAPE has reached over has 80,000 people, sharing not only the gospel of Jesus Christ, but also the deliverance of his Holy Ghost power.  Yet sometimes, I am very transparent, about my struggles, but when I get those emails saying that can relate, I know God is pleased, even when the high ups are not.  But I am not called by my organization, I am not called by my Presiding Bishop, I am not called by my natural father, but I am called of God There is a method to my madness, to be led by the Lord.

So if you are looking for Joel Osteen, I am not your man.  If you are looking for Bishop Jakes, telling you get ready, I am not your pastor, but by the grace of God, I am, that I am. I am not for everyone.   Everyone has their calling, no one minister can reach all, that is why there are many members to one body, which is Christ. And who I can’t reach, others will, and who others cannot reach, I will.  I will go to my grave, wishing I was never called, but since I was, my calling is clear, to reach REAL PEOPLE, LOOKING FOR REAL ANSWERS, FROM A VERY REAL GOD.  This is my calling.

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