Mothers-of-ZionGrowing up in the Way of the Cross Church of Christ in Washington DC, I have so many precious memories of such great men of God, none more than the founder, the Late Bishop Henry C. Brooks.  I remember such great deacons as John Williams, Zollie Fogg, James Cook, Bishop Jones, and the list goes on and on. But as great as they were, I also fondly remember others, who played a great role in my spiritual growth, and even in some areas, maybe even more. But sadly, they are becoming a dying breed, yet needed even more, in today’s church world. So tell me, what happen to the Mothers in Zion.

What happen to those mothers, who I looked back, who I thought, treated me unfairly at times.  When others boys would do the things that boys would do, such as throw spit balls, or even get into a little tussle,  they would chastise, but they would take me to the side and even harsher, as least I thought back then.  I can still them say “you going to be a preacher someday, you know better”.  They spoke life to me, they encourage me, and now I thank God for the chastisement.

What happen to the mothers, who carried so many safety pins to make sure the young girls were dressed in modest appeals?  Who taught young girls, how to carry themselves as young daughters in the Lord?  Mothers who taught them to be wives and mothers in their homes.   What happen he Mothers in Zion?  Who would control the service from the pews when they would correct a child, if one as in my case, father in the pulpit, and mother in the choir.   

The Mothers in Zion, who not one sought the pulpit, as their lives was a sermon from the Lord.  Their lives out preach many Apostles, Bishop, Pastors, Elders, and on down the line.  Again, what happen to the Mother in Zion? I remember very vividly the late Mother Britton, who was near death, when my father and I took her a Thanksgiving basket, and while walking out the door, she took my hand, nearly a skeleton, and said, son, don’t you ever forget the Lord is good.  Those few words, were more than any turn and touch your neighbor, or say with me, slang sermon ever preached in my life

Where are they?  They are knocking folks over for pulpit time.  They are seeking to wear robes and collars, to be Bishops and Pastors and so on, while the young people that needed the direction as are suffering.  No longer are they just happy, being in a supportive role, it’s not glamorous enough, they want to be seen.  No longer do they sing, “Let the work that I do, speak for me”   Where are the Mothers in Zion.  The mothers, who did not take the role of the parent, but enforce that which the parents hopefully were teaching. 

So today I honor such woman of God, as Mother Isabelle Ford, Mother Sadie Williams, Mother Golden Breckinridge, and so many others who let their works speak for them.  Again, where are the MOTHERS IN ZION TODAY?

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