Money Answer All Things?

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:19 “A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry: but money answers all things.” (KJV).  I don’t know it all, there are some things that I have learn to just be in the category of that revelation of what a particular passage means, has not been reveal to me yet.  Because I know the Word of God is true, from Genesis to Revelation, it is errant, with no mistakes.  Yes over the years translations have come and gone, but the meat of the God holy writ and the spirit of it, have no failures.  That is why this passage bugs me, because I know for a fact that money doesn’t answer all things.  It did not answer just alone the call of salvation, but it took the blood of Jesus, not money, as the Church was not purchase with silver or gold, but by His blood.   With this thinking, money does not answer all things……yet at the same time it has to, because it’s the Word of God.

I would be the last person to say that money does not solve a lot of issues in life, how many of us could use more money.  Money can give someone the best health care, education, homes, and just better way of life.   We need money to pay bills, to buy food, to put in plainly; we need money to survive in this life.  Money is so powerful that the Bible says that the “love’ of money is the root of all evil.  The O’Jays sang a song called the “Love of Money”, which say that for the love of money, a man would rob his own money, yet in still as the songs that the mean green, o mighty dollar does carry a lot weight.   So I have no problem in saying that money answers things, the word ALL is where it bothers me. Then it hit, for years I have heard people say that money solves all things, and there is a big difference between solve and answers.   

Answer: A spoke or written reply or response to a question, a correct response to a question to test one’s knowledge.

Solves-to find the answer to explanation for; clear up; explain, to work out the answer or solution; 

So what Solomon was saying that money has an answer to all things, if might not be the right answer, but it has an answer.  Some might think if I have enough money, it would be the answer to save my marriage, if I had enough money I would have better health care, as money in many mind is the answers to all of their problems,  so in that vein, money does answers all things.    

But it does solve, as solves clears what money can and cannot do, but the two can work hand and hand.   Because on Calvary money could not solve the issue of a lost soul, but the solution, or how it could be solve, was through the blood of Jesus.  In today’s society the solution is still in the blood, but the answer to how to spread this message, money is surely part of an answer to get this gospel out.   So money does answers all things, it is all the time the correct answer, nope, a lot of the time it is, but for sure money does have an answer to ALL things.

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