The Way of the Cross Leads Home

I could go on and on the rich history of the Way of the Cross Church, having been raised there, baptized there, met my wife there, my parents met each other there, my daughter was baptized there, she was christen there, my wife born and saved there, and have been under the leadership of all three pastors, from the founder the Late Bishop H.C. Brooks to the present Bishop A.D. Brooks, again. For it is the place where as a minister I have baptized hundred and hundred of souls, in the precious Name of Jesus according to Acts 2:38. Matter of fact it was in early October of 2006 that I possibly baptized my last person, as I would be hit by a car a month later, and that person was my daughter.  Oh Yes! I could go on and on.

My family has been members since the late 20’s, when my 5-15-2009 9;26;03 AMlate great uncle Elder A. R. Harris joined and since the church was founded in 1927, I could say we have been there almost from the beginning. When I was born the church was located at 4th and Virginia Ave, in southwest Washington DC, but in 1962, the church moved to its present location at 9th and D Street, in northeast Washington DC. Sadly I have no memories of the old location, thus I feel a little cheated when I hear the old saints talk about “4th and Virginia Ave.” as they call it, but at the same time I understand the love of the place where you first found the Lord. As I hold that same love for the Church of Pentecost on Capitol Hill. And how can I not love the old building, it is all that I know, my grandmother lives right across the street. So many memories that I have of going to Sunday School, then running over to grandma house for a spell, running back across the street to 11 am service, which would last for about 3 hours back then, and right back to grandma once more to raid the refrigerator.

I remember the child like love that I had for the late Bishop H.C. Brooks, and the pride that I felt in 1966, when my father joined the minister staff.  I remember sitting up in the balcony and being dared by my cousins to drop the paper fan into the main floor, which I did. And though I didn’t fully understand at the time, I sadly remember the death of Bishop Henry Chauncey Brooks in June of 1967. I can remember long before there was no Bishop A.D. Brooks, there was just Alphonzo D. Brooks, leading the Angelic Choir, sinning Sunshine Follows the Rain. Or my favorite choir, The Celestial Choral Ensemble, under the direction of my cousins, the late John and Wilhelmina Richburg. For I will never forget the saints of days gone by like Mother and Father Breckinridge, Mother Sadie Williams, Mother Isabelle Ford, Sister Norman and the Vacation Bible School, Deacon Bishop Jones, Cook, Fogg, and Williams (though a little bias….my granddaddy). Missionaries of days gone by like, Sister Boykins, Ruth Alford (who introduced my parents), and Ruth Edge (again being bias…my Godmother)  But thank God we still have Assistant Pastor, Bishop Walter Thompson, Sr. with us.

How can I ever forget the sadness and the tears in heart even to this day, when on October 17, 1985 when my father body lied in state doing  his home going services, making it hard to100_0835 attend the sanctuary that I loved so much. Yet after my father died and my return in 1990 as a member, it was in that same sanctuary that I meet Yolanda, my wife and the love of my life.   Oh yes! I could go and go about the Way of the Cross Church of Christ.

Though not prefect, a church that has been through highs and lows, splits and break-ups, yet it has held firm to the apostles’ doctrine for more than 80 years. Though not an active member there any longer, I shall always and forever in my heart be a member and call the it home. I wish that I could describe it better, but the writer Jesse B. Pounds said it better.



I must needs go home by the way of the cross,
There’s no other way but this;
I shall ne’er get sight of the Gates of Light,
If the way of the cross I miss.


The way of the cross leads home,
The way of the cross leads home;

It is sweet to know, as I onward go,
The way of the cross leads home.

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