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I was reading a post on my Facebook page, where a very good friend of mines, and who still is, was making fun, or just, of ministries that call themselves international.  The joke was international, and hasn’t left the United States, and many chimed in with their humorous opinions.  Thus we have AGAPE WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES, the name that I gave not myself, but given by God.  For that reason, I felt no need to defend the name.

In 2001, a young lady, a co-worker of mines, came to a then Minister T. Byron Williams with questions about the Bible, but it was always my idea, not to discuss Bible on the job.  So I told her, we could discuss it doing lunch.  After helping her, she came back, and I told her to email me her questions, and I will email the answers back.  Well, she told others about me answering her through email, and thus more questions came from others, more than I could handle. So I decided then just to do an email Bible Study through an email for my co-workers, which started out with about 12 co-workers, hardly worldwide.   So I name it Agape Email ministry.

But somehow, the word got out, and many who did not work with me begin to send me their emails and suddenly it grew to about 70 members around the United States.  Souls from Florida, Georgia, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and California, not counting those in the local Washington, DC metro area which include parts of Maryland and Virginia.  So from 2001 to 2007, we had Agape Email Ministry, hardly worldwide.

In 2009, a good friend of mines, who I call my Facebook cousin, Evangelist Genikwa Williams gave me an idea to start a blog site…A PLACE CALL AGAPE. It was then the Lord spoke to me and told me to rename the ministry, AGAPE WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES. I question God, as I had no intentions to travel outside the United States, but yet He said again, call it worldwide.  How or why, I asked, and then He said to me that your teaching will reach worldwide.  He told to obey the commandment to take the gospel into the world, not me, but the Gospel, not Elder Williams, but the Gospel, so I obeyed His voice and He did what he said.

Today, Agape Worldwide Ministries, has reached nearly 100,000 souls, but just not in the United States, but in the WORLD. Souls have been saved, baptized and received the Holy  Ghost. God allowed these teachings to be translated in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Pashto, Sindhi, Sraiki, and Balochi. The ministry has reached over 135 countries.  In other words, WORLDWIDE, just as God promise. To God Be The Glory.


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  1. To God be the glory!!!

    I look forward to meeting up live real soon, my Brother.

    Evangelist Williams

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