The Late Elder Elijah Williams

OK, let get the formalities out of the way, the Late Elder Elijah Williams, born May 13, 1934 in Washington DC, the fifth of six children born to the late Deacon John Williams and Ellease Williams. Born and raised in Washington DC, ordained an Elder of the Way of the Cross Churches of Christ in 1966, served as Assistant pastor of the Holy Temple Church of Christ, 1969-76, pastor the A.R. Harris Memorial United Way of the Cross Church of Christ, 1978-85. Married 32 years to Burree Neal Williams and to this union was born four sons. Passed away on October 12, 1985, at the age of 51 years old.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you about the man that I call for more than 25 years, and will forever, my daddy. Being raised from birth in the Apostolic tradition, a doctrine that he held on and believed all of his life, yet in my opinion his great sermon was not preached in any church. His greatest sermon was preached and lived in his home. As he taught four sons, how to be a man and a husband and if we dropped the ball, we would have no one to blame. He taught us how to love as a daddy and how to discipline as a father, he taught how a man should love and adore his wife, and if needed, work more than one job. He taught how to be the head, but not a dictator. Oh yes, he had a standard, his rules for the house was not up for negotiation…you just obeyed. Yet that same hand that would use the rod, so that child would not be spoiled, would come up 15 minutes later, dry your tears and take you out for ice cream. For Daddy felt his greatest ministries was to his family, so it was God, family, and then church in that order of importance…holding to the belief it was not the quantity of time that was important, but the quality of time. Perfect, nope, but perfect to me. Many people often ask where and how did I come up with the name of Agape for my ministry… was daddy.

Pastor Elijah WilliamsBeing Apostolic, daddy believed without a doubt in the oneness doctrine that he was born and raised up, even more preached. But at the same time, he believed that it was not the baptism in Jesus Name, or the indwelling of the Holy Ghost with tongues that showed his salvation. But it was as the scriptures say, by this men shall know that we are of Christ, by the “love” we show. It is his motto that I try to live up to….”That we will not be judged how others have treated us, but how we have treated others. As a child, like so many I had those that I admire, like sports stars, movies stars, singers, but as for my hero, my role model, all I had to do was look across the dinner table, look in living room, look in bedroom, where the same man laid with my mother all of my life, and I saw the same man who will forever be in my heart. My daddy, the Late Elder Elijah Williams.

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  1. I was truly inspired by this. The Way of the Cross is where God saved me and filled me with the Holy Ghost. I will never forget these pioneers who laid the path for us and our future generations to follow. GOD BLESS Evangelist/Missionary Anne C. Brunson

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