Just Be My Witness (2012)

Jesus said in Acts 1:8, just before his accession that we, the New Testament Church, shall be his witness after the Holy Ghost has come upon us.  Now there is prerequisite for being one who tells someone about Jesus that is as plain as the nose on your face and that is you have to have the Holy Ghost.   Without the Holy Ghost you are not qualified to do God’s bidding, if you don’t have the spirit of the Lord, living on the inside.   But with that being said…..

Being a witness is just that, it is not, being a theologian, it’s not being a bishop, or pastor, it’s just being a witness, just telling what you know.   He saved your soul, tell that, if healed your body, then tell that, but most of all just be His witness that has the Holy Ghost.   And now for whatever reason, which I have no idea, as I feel so unqualified, but for some reason the Lord has sent to be his witness to those that have been hurt in the church and to those who have been hurt outside the church, the rejected, and the forgotten.   But there is another group that the Lord has called me to do, which I find very difficult at times.  And that is being a witness to those who don’t believe, to those who say that the Bible was written by man and not God.   When in my mind all I hear, so what if they don’t believe, it does not make the Word of God of none affect.   But while one day praying to the Lord, how do I witness to those who need to hear the Gospel like everyone else, but do not believe and have no issues telling me that Your Word is a lie…..and Lord spoke to me and said just be my witness.

He did not say be my debater, as you cannot prove the Word of God.  The Word of God is not a book of fact (though I do believe that what it says is fact), but the Word of God is a book of faith.

I mean without faith, how can you believe that a man spent 3 days in the belly of a great fish without faith, how can you believe a burning bush spoke, without faith, I mean I could go on with stories which I believe are true, but cannot prove, but my faith says that it is 100% true.   So what we do in the body of Christ, spend too much time debating the laws and doctrine of God, and less time telling of the presence of God in our lives.  The perfect example of one just telling what he knew was the blind man in John 9;25, when he was question who was this man who healed him and what did He say about himself, and the blind man replied….””Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”   The blind man was just a witness to what he knew.  He did get involved in the deity of who Jesus was or was not…..he just told what he knew.   Is the doctrine of Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ important….ten thousand times yes, Jesus said to believe on Him as the scriptures have taught, so His deity is important.  But before we get into who God is, let us first show what God is….God is love.

Everyone is going to be judge for every deed done in the flesh, be it good or bad.  And Jesus said that this Gospel must be preached in the entire world, so when the days of judgment comes no one will be able to say that they didn’t know.  So it is our job as children of God who has been baptized in the Holy Ghost to be his witness, not to send anyone to Hell, not to bring the Old Testament Tabernacles.  Just tell what you know, tell how good He has been to you, tell of His love, of His mercy, of His grace, in other words…….BE HIS WITNESS.  

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