new-robe-picOver the years there have been so many people  that have inspired me and shaped my walk with the Lord.  So often I will take time to honored those to whom honor is deserve. People such as my father, “The late Elder Elijah Williams,  the late Elder A.R. Harris, the Late Bishop Henry Chauncey Brooks, and so many others.

What success that I have, has been paved by so many who have come before,  those who have set a standard that God has ordained for me to follow. For I am reminded of Solomon, after he fell out of favor with God, but because of his father (David) relationship with God, the punishment was not as harsh as it could have been.  I know that my life has been spared so many times by the Lord, because of the life and the prayers of those  who came before me.

So from time to time, check on the side bar and see those who have influence me and to those I owe a debt of gratitude for the lives that they lived.

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