Non-Denominational Or Disobedient

With so many different denominations, no wonder so many call themselves non-denominational. Don’t know how many there are in the world, but I do know alone that are over 500 Apostolic Oneness organizations and denominations.  Five-Hundred different bodies, all believing in the baptism in Jesus Name, all believing in the Oneness of God, all believing with the indwelling of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, yet multiplying by dividing.  If I took the time to investigate, Lord knows I would find the same in all Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and so on.  Even outside the Christian world, there are different sects of Islam, Hindu, and Buddhist, and so on.

As one who has been part of an organization or denominational all of my life, I do see the problems that are in being part of one.  For most of my life I have been part of the Way of the Cross Churches of Christ International, founded in 1933 as an organizational, but founded in 1927 as a church.  The forth oldest apostolic body in history, yet through the years, there has been division and splits into other bodies.    For there have been splits in bodies over woman preachers, clothing attire, missions statements, you name it, likely it’s the reason it was a split.  As one who is not anti-denomination, I do at the same time have no desire to be in the higher positions, because the higher one goes, the more politics take place.  Shoot! You think politicians can play dirty, you ain’t seen nothing until you see an executive board of bishops.  So I understand if one is independent and not wanting to be a part of a denomination.

Though understanding, I also understand that many who called themselves (not all) but many (so I am not talking about you, unless it’s you) are more disobedient to God’s word than independent.  Many just want to do their own thing and don’t want to answer to anyone, never having a covering.  Yes! I do understand that God is all our judge and we all must answer to Him, He is the final judge, but at same time, Timothy had Paul, Aaron had Moses, and Elisha had Elijah.  It was a lesson that I had to learn the hard way, but we all need some accountability in our walk with the Lord.  

As one who has been called a legalist, bound by his denomination, believe me I know the difference.  On the home page, of this site in Welcome to Agape, it states that we are not bound by a denomination; by I am a prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ.   So I am not bound by a denomination when I say for an example that the Baptism in Jesus Name is correct….it’s the word of God.  If I fuss you down over dress code, then I might be a legalist, because there is some leeway in the scriptures.   So what am I saying before you jump down the throat of a denomination, be careful it’s not because you not recognizing the truth of the scriptures.

I love the Way of the Cross Churches of Christ International with all of my heart.  But like any other body, I have seen favoritism; I have seen the clicks, believe me when I tell you that I have seen it all.  But since it’s not my desire to be a bishop, district elder, or on any executive board, I just let the big shot fight over the by-laws that will never be the reason that I live.   I am not saying that I will be a part of them all of my life, but what I am saying that I will not leave because God gave me a new revelation outside the Word of God.   I am not anti-denomination, but I am anti disobedient to the Word of God.

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  1. Excellently put!!!! I agree with you, and the same time, I disgagree. I grew up in a denomination (Apostolic) and had friends in other denominations. The dogma of corporate structure, in many cases not all, hinders the operation of the the Holyghost in the name of being “organized”. I’ve seen this happen in the church I grew up in, as well as other churches, and I believe it is a trick of the devil to stifle the connection and discernment between God and his people. And in some cases as well, it is a way for the leader to have an unscriptural amount of “control” over his flock. The bible instructs specifically that he would not have you to lord over the saints. The disobedient perspective you give, unfortunately in many cases is also true. Ive seen that as well, and it aint pretty. It usually lends itself to greed and selatious lifestyles lead by the clergy. But, I have seen non-denominational churches, where the pastors have been lent to a covering, so that there is accountability. This is scriptural, as you have indicated. We as human beings, need somebody in a mentorship position, to keep us in check. Even still, the points you brought out, were excellent!

  2. Being led by a denomination is being led by two ways to heaven, the one of Christ and the one of your denomination. I personally object denominations because it brings division among the church(All children of God/Christians). Many will say this denomination is better than the other and so forth and so many. What we have forgotten is the Holy Spirit who is the head of the church does not object himself. The Holy Spirit is one and any church led by the Holy Spirit will not stumble over the other but carry and support each other truly and not in hypocrisy. one important thing i dont believe in is a leader of the church as head of the church i believe the only head of the church of whom we should look at is Christ through the Holy Spirit. that is why sometimes surprisingly the Holy Spirit may say He wants Children to led the service/mass….. because He has put so many gifts in the church we are one body in Christ who is the head.

  3. Jesus did not say to be led by anything or anyone other than GOD! Therefore HE is my shepherd, HE is my deliverer, HE is my high tower, HE is my guidence, HE instructs me (Dt 4:36), HE preserveth my soul, HE is my comforter, HE is my Father, HE leads me beside still waters, HE is my ildol, not man! I trust no man! In fact, the Lord doesn’t trust any man either, and even said it is a curse to trust man. HE told me when I was age 7 that religion is what killed Him, not souls, religions are manmade gods and what it says goes regardless if The Truth comes knocking! Religions do not receive those who totally follow Jesus, for if they totally followed Jesus they wouldn’t need reli-ons! Therefore, we warn those unruly not following The Truth, then shake the dust off your feet when they persecute, ostrasize, cast out, blasphemy, and cuxcify! HE commanded us all to be “one” in Christ, not “one” in a religion! Every religion has their own spirit about them, since knowing The Lord’s so well, I can feel and point out Baptists, Catholics, Muslims, etc. spirit. I am a prophet of Jesus/God, HE told me to tell the church to get rid of all their idols and gods, and follow “as it is written” or you will not have the blessings of Abraham, He will not bless disobedient souls that use miracles to promote a religion (build their god up), nor will survive the devils attacks on your life in the coming times. I have witnessed over 70 miracles and counting, and I only credit it (give glory) to The Father who approves those worthy of His glory!!! Through Christ I got to The Father who grants miracles and discovered “The Multiple Miracles In One” (as in “Multiple Entities In One God” The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost” < their thumbprint). Jesus always kept me (from birth) free from the rat race, and I one HIS race! (as in "one with God").
    HE gave me these Scriptures: Ps 28:5, Is 5:12, my healing, my birthday, my protection, my strength, my ministry, my life. Remember, HE said we war against spirits, not flesh and blood, spirits in HIGH PLACES they achieved themselves through worldly education. "Many read The Word, but few read HIM!" – Marie

    I asked the Lord "Lord Jesus, so many people ask what faith am I, and I say 'There is only 'one faith', and they respond 'What religion are you?' etc. What is the difference between religion and faith?" HE SAID TO ME…
    "Religion is man making God what he wants Him to be, Faith is God making man what He wants him to be, there is only one faith, but many religions."
    I asked the Lord "Lord Jesus, What do I tell everyone who asks?" HE SAID "Tell them 'Jesus is the power and light in my building, not Edison."

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