Prenups (2014)


penupThere was a time in the church that the vows, until death do us part, meant that, marriage was until death. No divorce at all. Didn’t matter if the couple didn’t get along, slept in separate beds, sadly, even abuse could have been part of the marriage, but they took vows….until death do us part.

Now there was good marriages in the church, I am led to believe that most of them were good, and they had a mindset that divorce was not an option. Doing that time, most churches taught against divorce, even if one got a divorce, most churches, especially in the Pentecostal Holiness churches, remarriage was out of the question as long as your first mate was alive.

Now the rules have changed, not only are their multiple marriages in the congregations, but even pastors, bishops, and those who have been called to lead cannot keep a marriage together. Not only that, but the wealth of the church folks are better than it was back then, so there is more money involved when a marriage break up. So with a Bible that teaches us to be different from those who do not know the Lord, though it seems we done blew that, the question is how far do we a suppose people of faith go to protect ourselves from monetary lost, when we partake that which God hates. So should the people of faith protect themselves with a prenuptial agreements.  And to a point, I do understand….but we are supposed to be a peculiar people, not like every one else.

God ordained marriage in the Old Testament, He blessed it in the New Testament, and as stated before, He hates divorce. That’s Bible, but sadly the church rate of divorce is as high, if not higher, as those who are not saved, it’s an issue that we must face. So we know what prenuptial agreement says, in case we get a divorce, I am not willing to loose that which I had before I met you. But marriage says biblical that we are “one flesh” no more two people, but one mindset. So is it possible to find agreement because the church world now has enter the world of divorce with a vengeance.

So do we stand before a Holy God and say, that we vow to honor, love, cherish, protect, and all the rest until death do us part….but just in case. Just in case, I don’t have enough faith to believe you can save my marriage, just in case I claim power to speak health over my body, but not my marriage. Just in case I speak prosperity in my job, in my money, in my business, but not over my marriage. Just in case after speaking things into existence, I don’t have enough faith to speak it over my marriage and believe it so…..just in case, I am gonna protect myself with a prenuptial agreement. Is that walking by faith and not by sight?


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