Love One Another As I Have Loved You (2010)

100_1686Loving everyone is tough, never meant to be easy, loving even your enemies, or those who despise you it’s even tougher, but the hardest of all commandments to me is found in St. John 13:34, where Jesus command us to love one another as He has loved us…..Whew! That is tough.

Let’s talk about Bubby, let’s talk about me.  I cannot even imagine me loving someone as the Lord has loved me.  Maybe my wife, maybe my daughter, but even then loving them like He has loved me seems so far fetch. Nothing compares to the love of God.  I am not talking  just about Calvary and I am so grateful for the blood that was given for my sins.   But to be truthful, I can see myself dying for Yolanda and Ciarah, not to the point that Christ died, that I trouble seeing it.  But just since being saved, you will never know how many times I have let Him down.  Times that I have sinned and saved, times that disobeyed him and saved, times that I know that I grieved Him, and yet His love for me has not wavered, and this is the love that He wants me, and you, to have one for another.

I am not by myself; we all haven’t treated God well always.  Let’s not even talk about before salvation.   Some of us had nothing good to say about the God, about His church, His preachers, yet while we were in our sins He loved us so much that He died for us.  Then some of you were like me, grew up in the church, knew his commandments, and knew what was right and wrong, yet we gave in to our desires, our own lust, and all the time He was there with out stretch arms saying come on unto me.   This is the love that He tells us….wait a minuet, He commands us to have for each other.

Command us, not a choice that we love each other like Christ love us.  Sadly! Some of us cannot love our spouses like Christ loves us.  One mistake, one affair, one lie, gets a divorce.  Friends we kick to the curb like we change underwear, because they let us down.   Again, how many times have you let Him down, come on be for real with your sanctified self?  How many times   anyone else would have walked away, but He says that I will never leave you nor forsake you.   I am not saying that we keep those around who just over and over hurt us,  no I am not saying that, but I am saying that we should love one another, even if from afar, the love of God, the Agape love should be our goal that we should have for one another.   We many never reach it, but keep trying, because to love one another as Christ has love us is not a choice, but a commandment.   Church we have so much work to do, be for real, do you love others, like Christ loves you…… I DON’T THINK SO.  We have so much work to do church.

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  1. is it a sin? Provide scripture. Thank you

    • Is what a sin? Not loving someone like Jesus.. Not understanding the question. Please explain and I will gladly give scripture. God bless you

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