Who Remembers Tarry Service?

Growing in the Apostolic Church, you had to, no questions asked, don’t even think about not doing it, but you had to speak in tongues as evidence of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. And though it was not taught, but it sure did seem that they only way you could receive the Holy Ghost was to tarry.  Again, not all received the Holy Ghost by tarry, some got it doing service, some got it (though the Holy Ghost is not an it) but some got it right after water baptism. But most doing my day received the Holy Ghost like myself, doing an old fashion Tarry Service.

As I was preaching Sunday, I jokingly said that I have never been to boot camp, but I have been to tarry service, because when I came up, it was brutal. Those old saints would beat you on your back, holler in your head, as you would holler over and over again, “Thank You Jesus” or Hallelujah”, until you spoke in other tongues. Some received the Holy Ghost very quickly, then there were stubborn folks like (well never mind) me, I mean some people, it took years, and years.

Now understand that I am not knocking tarry service, it taught discipline, and I am thankful for those old saints that labored with me. But I only wish I knew back then, what I know now that receiving the Holy Ghost is not as hard as I thought. As it is a gift that God wants to give to you, all you have to do is to receive it.

So I said all that to say this…..who remember the old fashion tarry service out there?

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  1. so how does one know the real way in to gain the holyghost. do u have 2 tarry or do u confest and believe. i was taught to tarry. If the old saint’s didn’t see any power moving through you, they thought you didn’t it. is this true?

    • Yes! I grew up in the old fashion Tarry Service. Your confession and belief was shown by you being baptized in water, but the completion of being saved came being filled with the Holy Ghost.

      But to say that there is only one way to receive the Holy Ghost is not biblical, so tarry service is not the only way. I know of people who have recieved the Holy Ghost as home, at church while in the choir, and others places. So the way to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost is totally surrendering your will to the Lord.

      But the one true sign, which the old saints looked for what the evidence of speaking on other tongues, and that what they were looking for. And if you didn’t speak, they had down there forever. So tarry service alone is not the only way, but tongues is the only true evidence.

  2. im very late, thats because i was just browsing thru the web…but we all have to tarry for the holyghost. We still do it at my church! and it is the power from the lord on high…i have felt it and many others in my church have the holyghost because we stayed on the altar until we were filled. Confession is the action on which you want to be saved and not just saying a quote.

    • While I would agree with you that tarry for the Holy Ghost is a very effective way, as it was the way that I got the Holy Ghost, but it is not the only way. The Apostle Paul in the 19th chapter laid hands on them and received the Holy Ghost. Peter in Acts 10, while preaching the Holy Ghost fell on them while he was preaching. So to say that tarry is the only way, I would disagree, but it is a very effective way and still needed in the church..

      • i also too receive the Holy Ghost thru tarrying(waiting on the Lord)calling on “Jesus”. Wow!! It was amazing!!!I agree there are many ways to receive but the biggest thing to me is to explain why we do what we do!I clapped my hands until they fell off!LOl!!!

      • Yep! My hands are still hurting (LOL). As I have often joked, I have never been to boot camp, but I have been to tarry service…it could have been no worse. But thank God I got the promise of the Holy Ghost.

    • What church do u go to?

      • I have my own ministry now, but I my Bishop and the church that I grew up under is the Way of the Cross Church of Christ in Washington, DC, where Bishop Alphonzo Brooks is the pastor. It is the “Mother Church” of the orgainzation which is The Way of the Cross Church of Christ International, where Bishop Leroy H. Cannady is the Presiding Bishop and Bishop Brooks is the Vice-Presiding. Bishop Brooks father, the Late Bishop H.C. Brooks is the founder the orgainzation. I know you didn’t ask all that (LOL)

  3. Also the unspeakable joy came on so strong I begin to laugh. After the laughter felt like somebody pour cold water over my head and the feeling went out thru my feet and continued. Praise God!!Now daily in the prayer closet I wait on the Lord getting into worship and doesn’t take long to get re-filled. Many other heavenly languages are spoken to edify the believer in the ” Birth Pains era”. My prayer is that the church coporately tap into this area to bring the worship experience to a new dimension. Be bless Pastor!!

  4. Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
    If you repent and be baptized you will recieve the holyghost. Once you have done what the apostle said you will recieve it and you do not have to beg for it or plead for it or bounce around on your knees all night for it and foam from the mouth for it or have someone spitting on your kneck for an hour for it, Just repent and be baptized and the spirit of God will pay you a visit. After you repent and be baptized all you have to do is wait for the lord to fill you. The word tarry means to wait not to be on your kness saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus a million times. The holy spirit is called a gift. A gift is givin to you. If you have to beg and cry out for a gift then it’s not gift. A gift is freely given to you by the Giver. once you repent and be baptized the holyghost is freely given to us. Its a promise.

  5. WOW…I have been searching of a church that still teaches calling on the Name of Jesus to be saved. If anyone knows a church in the Atlanta GA area please leave a post

    • I have sent you a email of a church in Atlanta in which I know the pastor personally, I know he will treat you well…….Go bless you.

      • Please keep me in your prayers, so that I can be filled with the Holy Spirit. Thanks and God bless…. Danielle

  6. well check out The House Of God Church – Keith Dominion go to the website for location in your area!! We call on the name of “Jesus” for the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Yes Lord!!! ~ assistant pastor: rev. sean spearman- HOGC:Detroit/Griggs st.

  7. I am trying to receive the Holy Ghost, I am saved, I am sanctified but now I want to receive the Holy Ghost. I tried everything else but now I want to try tarrying for the Holy Ghost, to see if I receive it. I pray that this would work because I really do want to receive the Holy Ghost.

    • Part 2: When I wrote the first part I did not know I would be receiving the Holy Ghost on March 16, 2012 but I received it, me and another Sister from my church was praying, praising and worshiping God and the Holy Ghost took a hold of me, the devil did try to hold my tongue from me speaking in tongues, but it didn’t work because now I am filled with the Holy Ghost and the evidence of speaking in tongues. I feel so much different, I’m at peace and I just love being able to speak in tongues and also I know that I have the comforter reside inside of me. God is good,I didn’t even tarry like calling Jesus name repeatedly and she didn’t go in my ear telling me anything, we just stayed there praying praising and worshiping God until He came into the room.

      • First let me say how sorry am I, though I have been praying for you to receive the Holy Ghost, I am sorry that I did not get back in touch with you. I have so many emails daily to answer, and with good intentions, I sometime don’t answer them all.

        Now with that out of the way, I am so excited beyond words that not only did you receive the Holy Ghost, but you receive it like the Bible says, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. It’s a gift, a gift that the Lord wants us to have, all we have to do is receive it….(My God!) I keep having correct my typos…..to busy over hear praising God. Thank you so much Sheena for your praise report, as Heaven is praising along with you. PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH. To God be the glory, great things HE ALONE has done.

      • Love ur testimony!!! Continue daily on calling on the name Jesus the rivers of living waters are moving now!!! Be bless!~ rev.sean

      • Thank you for your prayers.

    • ephesians 1:13 In whom ye also trusted after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy spirit of promise

  8. Lol, I did a, tarry in 2009 I felt I was already filled with The Holy Spirit, but I was told unless I spoke in tongues, and I desperatly wanted to be filled with the The Holy Ghost, I did what was instructed; I begged, cried, pleaded, made foolish deals with The Holy Spirit, I shouted Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Hallelujah,over & over,like a tongue twister and fast,etc (this is what I was instructed to do) I cried so much I ran out of tears, my hair was messy, clothes sweaty, but before 5am I spoke in what I believed to be tongues(if you say the same words over and over you’re going to speak in something lol). It was a few days later that I realized and learned The Lord Jesus Christ said it is the will of our Heavenly Father to give us The Holy Spirit, and HE also said ask in faith and I can tell a mountain to move and that mountain should be moved” so everything I did wasn’t necessary because all I had to was ask not beg and receive The Holy Ghost, so I did just that, along with repenting and received The Baptism of The Holy Ghost and know for sure that HE dwells in me.

  9. Sorry for going that process! Most altar workers are just following directions or doing things that was taught ! The Lord has bless me to be a great intercessor and altar worker for Him. that “seeker” should be treated with royalty and less noise as possible! somebody yelling in your ear is not the way! i sit people in a chair and have them raise their hands in victory instead of “clapping” and wearing out their knees! many ways to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit: its good to have a few folks that speak or pray in the Spirit ! well im out of time but not out of words! be bless! – rev.sean

  10. I myself went through the tarry process, begging God to save me. I really didn’t even know what save me meant at that time but as I found myself on the floor and saints all around me telling me to say “save me Lord” I decided to just do as I was instructed. While I was down and under the power of God I experienced the supernatural. Yet not understanding what had just happen to me, I knew that it was good and connected to love. At that time I decided to never let it go. I later learned about salvation after the experience. I have learned since that you dont have to beg for the Holy Ghost as it is a gift from God to equip us with the power we need for ministry and to maintain a righteous lifestyle. And you certainly don’t have to beg him to save you if you just “believe”. Problem is that we don’t study the word as we ought . I have to say I didn’t throw myself on the floor, it was the power of God, as far as the spirit is concerned it doesnt have to be predictable it just have to line up with the word of God.

  11. The church I attend (Real Truth Holiness in Brent,Al) is having tarry service this whole month on Tues and wed..And i MUST say its getting GREATER AND GREATER every nite…Young and old have been recieving the gift of the holyghost..God is really pouring 0ut his spirit on all flesh just like he said he would in Acts 2:17..I really enjoyed the previous comments 🙂 Have a blessed day

  12. wish I could come to Alabama!!!! Sounds like an outpouring of the Holy Spirit!!!!! Remember us in your prayers @ The House Of God Church-Detroit/Griggs st.

  13. P.S. I love calling on the name of Jesus and let the Holy Spirit speak!!!!!~ rev.sean

  14. I thought I was filled with the Holy Ghost, as I spoke in tongues once, but I don’t feel his presence. I am begging God and I ask that everyone please pray for me to help me be filled with the Spirit. I cannot walk this path alone, I need a guider. Thanks and God Bless!

    • Will be in contact very soon….God bless you my sister and walk in the promise.

    • I understand what you are saying as well I thought I had received the Holy Ghost because I spoke in tongues but after I spoke with my co pastor and she told me that God said for me to go back and tarry, wait for Him and not rush the Holy Ghost. It was disappointing at first, but now I am just fasting, praying and waiting on the Lord and getting deliverance to become a clean vessel

      • Hey all, I’m a new comer into this conversation, but I must say that as a Holy ghost baptized person, I believing in waiting on the Lord, however I don’t believe in having to “wait on the Holy Ghost.” We don’t need to wait for him to save us, and we don’t need to wait on him to fill us. Thankfully, many of us received dispite not having perfect theology, but the enimy wants to keep you from receiving. Acts 2, 4 said they spoke with other tongues. It didn’t say you would shout, cry, scream, kick, or any of those things. You may expeerience emotions, you may shout, you may dance, but you will speak with tongues. But it is a faith thing, not a begging or a pleading thing. It’s not something you try to receive, it’s something you receive by faith just like salvation. By the way, I’m refering to the baptism in the Holy Ghost, not the Holy Ghost himself as he is a person. Sorry for the long poast, I just couldn’t help but respond. Be blessed!

  15. There is no “wrong” way for the infilling of the Holy Ghost. A person can “tarry” by calling on the name of Jesus ( there is absolutely nothing wrong with calling on the Blessed Name of Jesus); you can be filled while “praising God, or you can be filled in the quietness of your room. The important thing is to be sincere with the Lord; make sure that your “vessel” is clean because the Holy Ghost cannot fill an unclean temple. To my sister Danielle, I want you to be encouraged in the Lord. I suggest that you speak with your pastor or better yet, a strong church mother who can minister to you. I always say the church mothers are a dying breed today, however that’s only because the pastors have attempted to muzzle the mouths of our mothers in Zion. Seek God through much prayer; let Him know that you want to know that you know that the promise has been given to you. Let the the saints know by way of this blog that you have received the comforter, the teacher, the leader, the keeper, the marvelous gift of the Holy Ghost. Be blessed in the Lord.

  16. I thought I had received the Holy Ghost, because the sister that I was with said that I had gotten it and I testified in church saying that I had gotten it, but when I asked my co pastor about it she said that yes God was in the room, but I still need to be clean out and to wait on God. At that time it was disappointing because I truly thought I had it, but then again I wonder why I didn’t really feel it anymore, so now I am just working on getting delivered from my sins and to become a clean vessel so the Holy Ghost can reside in me.

  17. Sister Sheena:
    The pastor nor the mothers in Zion or any other leaders in the church would tell a person that he/she had received the Holy Ghost back in the day; you had to know that for yourself. If you have seriously repented of your sins; been buried in the liquid stream (baptism); reading and mediating on the Word of God; beginning to allow the Spirit of the Lord to sanctify you, and fasting if you must, you will receive the Holy Ghost. Satan can and does speak in tongues; we need the real power from on high. Do not be anxious. Continue to seek the Lord; the Holy Ghost is for all those who ask the Father for it Luke 11:13. Be blessed in the Lord.

  18. @geri yes that I know now after talking with my co pastor and others that nobody would have to say yea that is it. But I am doing as you stated and just going to wait for God.

  19. I also received the Holy Ghost in Tarrying Service at the church where my aunt was the elder. It was a Thursday night and was a freshman in college and brought a guy that I was interested in. I did not plan to, nor expect to, received the Holy Ghost that night. As a matter of fact, I had planed to spend time with him eating at Denny’s after church. Right after my aunt finished preaching she opened the altar so that we could come and tarry. I decided to kneel at my seat next to my guest and sorta kinda tarry. At some point while on my knees I began to really desire the Holy Ghost and began reach out to God while tarrying. I lost all concern about what my guest thought about me and desired to please God more and more so I called on the name of Jesus more and more. Sometime after that, the Power of God hit me, knocked me to the floor and rolled me around over and over. I could feel the presence of God and it was wonderful. I was so beautiful, I was so full of joy all I could do was scream. The saints were around me telling me to “tell God than you.” but I couldn’t say anything without screaming. While I was on the floor, I could feel God working in my life. I tried to speak and only a scream came out. I tried again and after a while I started saying words but they weren’t english, spanish, or any other language I knew. I know what I was saying but it didn’t sound like what i was trying to say. I tried to speak in a language that I knew but y words only came out in this new language, After I don’t how long, the saints helped me to my feet then helped me sit down. I felt like a high weight had been lifted. I felt new. My aunt said she knew I received the Holy Ghost when she saw me on the floor. My mom said she knew I received the Holy Ghost when she saw me rolling in my dress and when I came over to her my dress was wrinkled and my stockings had two runs yet all I kept saying was something in tongues (I was always more concerned about my appearance than anything else and I would have trying to find a bathroom to change my stockings at the first sight of a run). My sister said she knew I had received the Holy Ghost when I was more concerned about reading the Bible than trying to get another date with the guy I brought that night and I was more interested in going to church the next night than going out. Most of all, I knew I had received the Holy Ghost.

    Seven years later, the Holy Ghost has confirmed to me that he is my keeper and my guide. He has never left me and I get strong and stronger in the law as the days goes by. If I could, I would not change when and how I received the Holy Ghost. I would not change that I tarried for the Holy Ghost. It was the most wonderful experience of my life and I will never every forget, nor will I leave this life of being saved.

  20. I LOVE the Apostolic Church. I remember those days and I still hold onto the practices. Its what worked then and it WILL WORK now. I grew up listening to Bishop G E Patterson – Memphis and Pastor R.L Mitchell in Chicago at Old Landmark Church. Yes! Lord these were TRUE Men of GOD! These day’s can’t say the same. Thankfully, they left a legacy that I can still listen to today. It keeps me going.

  21. God is showing us the sign of the time. Who would’ve thought the house of prayer would be without an weekly get on your knees prayer service. I need it so bad. I went to different churches an now some do over the phone not even the whole hour. What an shame. Im so sorry i just say to God. So sorry. Its Gods, House not mans agenda. God Bless. Still looking.

  22. Very happy this blog is continuing…”Tarry -waiting of the atmospheric presence of Heaven and God’s attributes ” service is an vital component to keeping the local church on “fire” and in revival mode…yes there ae other ways to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost….when the atmosphere is set in worship God can pour out His Spirit….in mid-2015 let us stay hungry for the former and latter rain falling in the “now”…..

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