Where Have You Taken Jesus?

100_1302As New Testament believers, we have a major benefit that those in the Old Testament did not have, the inside job.  In the Old Testament, the people of God, the Lord would over shadow them, for a season, until a particular job, or event was concluded. But we in the New Testament Church, we have the Spirit of the Lord living with us and inside of us always.  The Bible speaks of having a treasure in our earthen vessels. Jesus said, I will be with in, and in you, always.  So when one receives the Holy Ghost, we have Jesus on the inside and He goes wherever we go.  So the question is, where have you taken Jesus?

Talking about those who claim Jesus as their savior, not talking about the unsaved, they have nothing to do with this.  Do we take Jesus in the clubs, where alcohol, drugs, and God knows what else take place.  And since He does live on the inside of us, do we pour liquor, on him, do we let cigarette smoke blow all over Him, again where do we take Jesus, many claim that he live on the inside of them. If so, how many ungodly places have we taken Jesus?  Let someone smoke and drink, and act a fool in front of your mother, and many would act a fool, disrespecting your mother.  But what about Jesus, what about the Lord?  Do we take him to ungodly movies, just the ungodly ones?  Do we let him watch ungodly TV shows with us where homosexuality and other immoral acts take place and promoted?  

God knows, in spiritual growth, I have taken the Lord to some places; I am shame to tell you about. Never smoke, never drank, but been some places, I know that God wasn’t pleased to be in.  So in this very short blog, I am just asking the question, WHERE HAVE YOU TAKEN JESUS?

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