Memorable Moments Of Agape

In a world of so many celebrities’ ministers, one thing that the Lord has always placed on me that I was saved to served, not to be served.  And though in my ministry there have many memorable moments, there are two that stand above the rest.  It was not a sermon where God used me mighty nor was it a time when the Lord heal someone through the laying of mine hands, though it does still and always will that the Lord uses me to do such things.  None the less, there two events that touches me even today in my ministry as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I would not be over exaggerating if I would say that I have baptized over 500 or more souls in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But it was homeless outreach at the Way of the Cross Church of Christ in Washington, D.C., I would say about August of 1991, under the direction of Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks, who is my Bishop and the church where I grew up.   Well, this service was the idea of his oldest sister, The Late Mother Isabel Ford, where homeless was fed, offer job skills, and of course given the word of God. Afterwards the altar call was given and more than 24 souls came to be baptized according to Acts 2:38.  After baptizing each and every one of them, I went home to watch the Redskins play their 1st exhibition of that season, I don’t think I made kickoff, I was knocked out. But the part that sticks in my mind was years later, I was out and about and a gentlemen came unto me and embraced me, and he almost got knocked out (LOL)…I just don’t’ go around hugging dudes.  He looked at me and said you don’t remember me, do you? And sadly I did not.  He said I was baptized by you in homeless ministry at the Way of the Cross, and though the gentleman had not gotten completely back on his feet, he had something that he did not have back before he was baptized…..he had faith that God would work things out in his life and to God be the glory that he allowed me to play a small part in this man life and that even remember me, blows me away.

The second one stands out and nothing even comes close.  I was invited to preach at a women prison in Baltimore, Maryland, it had to be somewhere around 2003 or so.  I can’t even remember what I preached, but what took place bring tears to my eyes even today. I was invited by the Late Mother Ernestine Powell, who was in charge of the prison ministry.   When I got there, I saw these women walking down the hall with buckets of water, to my surprise they were walking back and forth, making sure that they would have enough water in a tin tub to be baptized after I preach.  Here these women behind bars bringing filling up the tub to take on the Name of the Lord in baptism, and in churches there are pools with heated water, and you have to beg some people to be saved.  After delivering the sermon, the women prepared to be baptized, I think I baptized about 7 or 8 that day.   And after they were baptized, two or three of them received the baptism of the Holy ‘Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, as though they were behind bars, they were now free (Oh! Bless His Name).   I can remember one young lady, before I laid hands on to receive the Holy Ghost, I could see her lip quivering, so much  that I could hardly pray with her, as the Holy Ghost was all over me, and as I laid hands her, the power of God moved so mighty that others were filled while standing in line.    I will always be grateful for Mother Powell, who gave me the opportunity for the greatest moment in my ministry to date.

I walked out that prison that day, I know that they were bless more than I was, because they were saved, but still in my mind I feel I was blessed the most, if not a close second.   As I walked in there to ministered and came out being ministered to, as the Lord set the captive free.  Looking back on both of these events, it has only enhanced what I said in the beginning that I was saved to served, not saved to be served.     

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