Let Talk About Sex (2014)

2016-01-11-03-51-10OK put the kiddies to bed, because we are going to talk about sex.  One of the things the Lord told me in my ministry is that he wanted me to go where the Church is scared to go.   So buckle your seat belt, because we are about to do some traveling.   As this ministry has been and always will be for REAL PEOPLE, SEEKING REAL ANSWERS, and FROM A VERY REAL GOD.

Growing up in church in the time period I grew up, we went to church all day Sundays, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays…and then you could throw in some time of meetings or choir rehearsal on Wednesdays.   So what I am saying we stayed in church, yet somehow those old folks somehow had sex.  There were families with 11 and 15 children and this was not unusual, people had large families back then. And even though children were birthed, the mind-set back then and yet even today to a point, we don’t talk about sex in the church.  We can mention fornication, adultery, and even homosexuality, and tell everyone that it is a sin, but we don’t deal with it, we don’t discuss cause and the effect of it, but what we do is just put it in the big bucket of the wages sin, and then left to babes how to deal with the sexual issues of the modern world on their own.

So let’s take down the church wall and be real for a moment, because church fornicate, church folks have affairs, church folks masturbate , church folks look at porn, church folks are married are having a sexless marriage, and it’s not the world responsibility to bring healing to the Body of Christ.  I am not knocking counseling, but first and foremost it’s the church duties to deal with the issues, and the first place to start is to be real with people.  Oh! Yeah, we are good giving scriptures, but scriptures without understanding is like a man with a loaded 357 Magnum and no training.  We are doing more harm and good.

I remember as a child, who saved at very young age, I was told that once I was baptized with the Holy Ghost, that my young sexual desires would come to a miraculous end. They meant well, but old mothers in Zion, the old deacon board, the old season saint lied to me.  I was saved, I mean the whole bit, baptized in Jesus Name, filled with the Holy Ghost, spoke in tongues, yet for years I struggled with my sexual desires, and fornicated and yet saved.  I was never told about spiritual warfare, was told to bring my body under subjection, but never told how.   Yes! I was told about fasting and praying, but the struggle left me feeling less than saved, and I had no one to really to talk to, to let me know this was part of the growth in Christ.

As humans we have preference, some men are legs men, some are breast men, or whatever. Some women like eyes, or board shoulders, but let it be known that salvation will not take away these preferences.   Salvation gives us the desire to enjoy these preferences in the bonds of marriage.   But in today’s church, where the commitment of marriage is not as it was before, as until death is a dying doctrine, many are not seeking marriage as once before, and walking around with a loaded gun, and no knowledge on how to control it.   Can I be honest….prayer never took down a hard on.  So many have told me, because of the ministry God has given me, they feel free to share that they can’t find a mate, so it’s either fornication or masturbation and in their mind they choose the less of two evils.  And again, we were given the sword, the ammunition to fight it, but never told how to use it.    We have married folks in the same house, but not in the same bed, opening up the doors for fall.  Yawl hear me…..in the church.  

It has always been my opinion that sex should be for marriage only, but the discussion of sex, should be when two are seriously engaged, so we won’t get in the bedroom and find out I don’t do that or this.  Prevention is always the best cure. For homosexuality is growing out of control in the church and I refuse to believe that one day an adult just turned homosexual overnight.  I truly believed that most got confused, or abused, or whatever as a child, and had no place to go to talk about their confused feelings.  In the church there was a time when the usage of words such as fags, sissy, punks, where acceptable words in the church, so you sure wasn’t going to the church to talk about these feelings.  So many went outside the church and were told that it was normal, it was OK, only to find the church had a had don’t ask, don’t tell set of mind. And because of it, the church has a serious homosexual problem.   

In closing, how do we deal it, how do we deal with something that God has ordained for marriage, between man and woman, but yet the church has become the same as the world with this gift.  Check the church scandals…..    I remember something God told me and I have made it part of my ministry, and that is if one want real deliverance, then be real with God.  He knows our shortcomings.  He is an omnipresent God, who sees all, so He is there when we fornicate, when one masturbates, when one commits any illicit sexual acts, He sees it all.  So when we truly come to Him in repentance state and ask Him for help, He already knows.  But nevertheless, He wants us to come with all our weakness, as He knew you would have these weaknesses, even before you or I was born.  He just wants to communicate.  But lastly the church has to stop acting like it doesn’t exist, we must face it, and not only that be transparent and share that you had struggles in your life.  Come down from that make believe pedestal that God didn’t put you on.  Teach how not to put yourselves in positions that will make you easy to fall.  Prayers is the key, but also teach how to survive, when you stop praying and come out of our prayer closet, back into the real world.  Tell how children, no matter how young you are saved, sexual desires are a normal part of life, it’s a God given gift.  Give the people a place, a person to go to and talk to when that gift has become a curse.  So in others words church LET TALK ABOUT SEX.

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