Examine Yourself

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you,Except ye be reprobates?

2nd Corinthians 13:5

100_1302I was watching a televangelist the other day on TV, and of course, he encouraged the viewers to sow a seed into the ministry.  Let me say off the bat, I do believe in sowing a seed into a ministry, but just not in any ministry, for there is a responsibility by the sower in what ministry that they sow in. But that another blog for another day, as this one is about putting the cart, before the horse.

While I believe in sowing a seed, even to the point of debt cancellation, in my opinion one must first find out why one is in debt. Seeking the Lord to send a financial blessing, and I am still making the same mistakes with my money. The same ones that will only put me back in debt.  EXAMINE YOURSELF.

Seeking the Lord to save my marriage, or why one gets in the same kind of relationships, ending with the same kind of results. What part did I play?  The Bible says to acknowledge Him in all of the ways and He shall direct thy path.  But too many times, we just pray, send me a wife; send me a husband, not looking inward to find what we might me doing wrong.  EXAMINE YOURSELF.

Then we have pastors blaming the congregations for not catching on the vision of the ministry.  The giving has fallen, the membership has fallen, and the first thing is to blame the members.  But look at us at well.  Maybe I’m not presenting it well; maybe I’m stuck in old ways of reaching the people, as it’s not always one hundred percent the congregation fault. Is the staff, we put in place, doing their jobs, as the blame will starts at the top. Are we seeking God enough to make sure we hear from Him? Remember we are flawed imperfect servants, serving a perfect God. EXAMINE YOURSELF.

So it could be that every relationship you were in, that ended, wasn’t the other person fault. Could it be that the boss wasn’t wrong, or the pastor wasn’t too demonstrative, or the congregation wasn’t too carnal? Maybe you do have issues, and not haters. Maybe your walk with God is not church fault, or anyone else.  Maybe, just maybe, it could be you……EXAMINE YOURSELF

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