May-You-Rest-In-Peace-quotes-images-pictures-download-1Often when a celebrity pass away, not knowing anything about their walk with the Lord, or lack thereof, we often say “Rest in Peace” But we know all will not rest in peace, Hell is for somebody.  This week, my idol passed away, the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali.   As a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I cannot justify, a belief that the champ is resting in the presence of the Lord. Though I don’t have the right to say he is not, God has the final say so.  But either faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to his Word is correct, or it’s a lie.  I served Jesus, some served Allah, some have a Buddhist faith, a Hindu faith, no faith at all, but we cannot justify others faith, when Jesus said He alone is the only way.

But at the same time, though we believe that those who do not serve God, through Christ, are eternally lost, why do we have to be so mean spirit in our beliefs. I can remember as a child, how we lost so many people in their time of grief, by sending someone parent, grand-parent, spouse, or whatever to Hell.   How is this going win someone to the Lord, when we are so mean in their time of lost.  Personally, I never used the term “Rest in Peace” as that is God business. My concern is for the family members and those who are left behind and to show the love of the God, who I claim to be in me.  Because some church folks can be so mean.  Glossolalia talking, water baptized, Holy Ghost filled, feet shouting, can be mean as the devil that they bind.

But Jesus said, by this, men shall know you are my disciple, when you have loved one for another. About showing love to their family left behind, and not boast in your theology that one might be eternally lost. For God is not respecter of persons, but yet many pick or choose, as if we can, who is saved, and who is not.  Or we overlook it. We often put those who we don’t want to deal with, in the “sheep of not this fold” category.  Many, have not to this day, dealt with the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his salvation. He had issues. Dr. King as far as I know, Pentecostal folks, never filled with the Holy Ghost, never baptized in Jesus Name, Apostolic folks, but yet he showed more of the love of God, than many shouting folks.  I thank God for the life of Dr. King, the life of Muhammad Ali, the life of Malcom X, at least they showed more boldness than many weak back Christians, who have so much Holy Ghost, and won’t stand for anything, accept what God can give me.  Will speak in tongues all day long, but can’t speak to each other, shout all day long, but will step over someone not to speak to somebody.  Holding grudges, and not talk to family members, and yet, I am on the way to  Heaven.  And Jesus keep saying, it’s not by anything of these things, the world will know you are my disciple, but it’s by the love that you show.     

In the end, I am not trying to put Ali or anyone else in Heaven.  I believe the Bible, I believe that Acts 2:38 is correct.   But what is the harm, in showing compassion, and not commendation at the time of death.  As maybe, just maybe, if we would’ve had shown more peace, while many were alive, then more would be able to Rest in Peace, when they die.

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