What Are We Offering (2011)

I was talking to a young lady the other day and somehow we got on the subject of churches as a whole.  I wish I could remember what we were talking about, but I do remember her statement being that though she reads her Bible, believes in God, and believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell, church was not part of her life, and not needed for her growth.  Sadly, she is not alone, the church though a major entity of days gone by, it is not the same that it was when I grew up.  In my neighborhood, even those who hung out in the streets, would put out their cigarettes, would not use profanity, and frown upon anyone who did, when they passed a church.  If they knew that someone attended church faithfully, they would correct you if said something disrespectful, saying watch your mouth, Mr. or Mrs. So and So, goes to church.

I can remember as a child, it seem everyone I knew, the whole neighborhood went to church, not all where Pentecostal or Apostolic, as I am, some might have been Baptist, Methodist, AME, Catholic, or whatever, somebody went to some church, somewhere.   So the question is why the downfall, why is the church is not look upon the same, and if we are suppose to be the light of the world, then why is the world so dark.  As the church must look at herself and see what she is offering and what is needed for a dying world.  For the church has cable television, we have big buildings, we have money, we have fame, some even have the ear of Presidents, and others of power, but question is does the church have souls.

Have the church forgot the true mission that it was given, recorded in Acts 1:8, after ye receives the Holy Ghost to go out into all the world and be my witness.  Not the pastor witness, not my denominational witness, but a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Not only that but He gave a prerequisite in being his witness, and that is “after” ye receives the Holy Ghost.   Maybe there lies part of the problem, the church is sending out too many to tell about Jesus, who doesn’t know Jesus.  They know of Jesus, they have been educated about Jesus, they been to school to teach Jesus, but haven’t had a one on one relationship, they haven’t had a consummated connection with Him.  

So what we offering the outside world, the un-churched, to put it plainly, what do they see, when they look at us.  Do they see prosperity, but no commitment?   Do they see emotions, but no change in our lives?  What are we offering them, are we offering them a God who has been reduced an errand boy who there to fulfill all of desires, instead of a God who rules the heavens and the earth.  Are we offering quick fix solutions, instead of long term dying to ourselves and to our flesh?  What do the world see when they look at us.  Do they see those who have fallen, instead of those who got up?    Have our ministries become just a social club to bring in members, but not to change lives.  Do they see inner fighting in the church, another minister, putting down another all in the Name of the Lord?

While I am not against ministries, but have all the ministries you want, I applaud single, drug outreach, prison, homeless, marriage, ministries and all the rest, but in your offering, make sure you offer Jesus.  Maybe the apostles had it right when they pass the lame beggar at the gate called Beautiful.  While asking for money, they told him, silver and gold have we none, but such as we do have in the Name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk.     Not get in line for the prophet, not plant a seed (done lost half of the evangelist on that one)…..but just the Name of Jesus, rise up and walk.

Because after we take the name off the door, after we applaud our pastors, after the famous preacher comes to town, in the end, all the church has to offer is Jesus.   Everyone will not be rich, but everyone can have Jesus, everyone will not be healed, some do die in the faith, but all can die in Jesus.  I don’t have anything to give but Jesus, no smoke and mirrors, no slot machine blessings; no miracle blessing plan, no promises of a six figure salary or a mansion on the hill.  All l I have to offer is the Lord.  

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