The Late Bishop H. C. Brooks

If you read any of my dedications to those who have inspired me, what I have tried to do is not the same bio that can be found anywhere. But what I’ve tried to is to get more on how they affected my life and along with they accomplished. And with that let me speak on the life of the Late Bishop Henry Chauncey Brooks, the late founder of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ and the 1st Presiding Bishop of the Way of the Cross Churches of Christ International.

The Way of the Cross Church of Christ was founded by Bishop Henry C. Brooks in Washington, D.C. on February 27, 1927. Upon receiving charter credentials from Bishop Robert Clarence Lawson in June of 1928, and by the leading of the Lord, the Way of the Cross Church of Christ was incorporated, taking on the authority to establish and organize other churches. Elder Henry C. Brooks was consecrated as Bishop in 1933. Bishop Brooks served as pastor and Bishop of the headquarters church in Washington, D.C. from 1927 until his death in 1967, for forty years. From a start of only 5 people, he left behind an organization of about 25 churches at the time, and a membership at the mother church, well over 2,000 members.

Though he passed when I was only seven years old, yet I can remember him today as though he was still alive. His presence was of that which would leave a memory in one’s life you would never forget. He had a voice that was deep and would shake the heavens when he spoke, but that wasn’t what had the effect on me, he was my Bishop, way before the Apostles, and Chief Apostles, and Presiding Prelates, but he was my Bishop who I held in great esteem. But that wasn’t what impressed this young child the most. For I had very little understanding of what he had accomplished with very little education, maybe if I had, I would have been impress even more, but I was only seven years old.

But what impressed me the most was the love that he showed. If he had a theme song, or even a theme sermon, it was, “Sow Good Seeds To Everyone, You Gonna Reap Just What You Sow. As I have grown older, I  have heard the stories of the rents that he paid, the funerals he paid of those who could not afford, as now I understand better the loyalty that the saints back then had for him and the grief when he went home to be with the Lord. As I have found out doing the years, and maybe it is because of the tender heart that a child have, but a child knows real love and when it is just a put on. And every time I saw Bishop Brooks, I felt that love. No matter who he was talking to, if he saw this little red headed boy waiting just to shake his hand, he would take time to say “Praise the Lord” and often put something in your hand.

In closing, I remember the time I had lost a dime in church and Bishop saw me looking all under the pews. He asked me what was the matter son and in my child like voice I replied, Bishop I lost my dime, he then reached in his pocket and gave me 50 cents. That was a lot of money for a child in those days. For the next few weeks I made sure I went to Bishop after church and say….I lost my dime. Each time with laughter, he would give me 50 cents. Thank God for grace.

Bishop Brooks was pastor in every sense of the word, and not only did he leave a impression upon this little boy heart that lives today, but he left a unshakable faith in the Apostle’s doctrine that beats strong everyday. And though not perfect, but who is, I thank God for the life of the Late Bishop Henry Chauncey Brooks.

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  1. Great Job Elder T. Byron Williams

  2. This word is not being taught. My grandfather was baptized by this man. Great bio. Pray that a light that has been dimmed be brighten up as this message has encouraged me this day.

    Rose Marie Meredith Jenkins
    Harrisburg PA

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