I am an observer; I love long walks and just look at people. Look at the way they carry themselves, they way they react to certain situations, their communication skills, as you can learn so much. Yesterday I was on the subway system in the Washington DC area called Metro and I was so upset at the some of things that I heard and saw.  Now please understand that I was no angel coming up, but I had mines limits, because I had parents that were not only Godly, but would also whip my butt.

First of all, where do these young girls, I am talking about my daughter age, 13 to 17 girls get the money to buy some of the clothes that they wear.  And even if they got a part time job, where do they hang though clothes.   I am not getting into the lack of covering YET, but seeing them wearing clothes with such foul slogans on them, such as (about to get real church folks) “bitch, FU, shit, and so much more, talking about on their shirt that I am a BAD BITCH.  I wish for a second that my daughter (and she wouldn’t because her mom would kill her) would even think about wearing something like that.  And I don’t know if there is something in the water, but these girls are maturing much quicker physically than ever before, so does quicker mean less clothing, don’t parents know that they are perverts out there enjoying the view.  Again, where are the parents who allow them to go out the side the house wearing such?

As a father of a young girl I am sadden with the choices of young men that she will have to pick from, because they use the B-word to talk about women as if was a term of endearment.  Not knowing it shows their ignorance when they use foul language and lack of vocabulary.  I mean I was no angel coming up, but I was scared to cuss like a sailor (and I could) but I was so scared that someone who knew someone that knew someone that might knew my parents would tell…..and that is my point.

Where are the parents that believed the Word of God and did not spare the rod?  How can a child leave in your house and you get dress for church, and they stay home.   I don’t care if they don’t want to go, they eat your food, they sleep in your bed….so they have no choice to reverence your God.   I am shock to hear children tell their parents what they will and will not do, my father would have knocked me into a coma if he even thought I would say what I hear come out of children mouths.  Where are the old fashion butts whipping parents of yesterday?  We are not our children friend and it’s time that we stop trying to be so.  Children need rules that say you will be in the house at a certain time, you will do shores, you will do your homework, and you will do what I say, not up for debate.  Parenting is not a democracy; it’s a dictatorship of love.

So on this Father’s Day weekend, I honor the memory of my father, the late Elder Elijah Williams.   I make a statement which I believe with all of my heart that I have more of a father dead than many have alive.  I am so glad today that I had an old fashion butt whipping daddy, as I think I got more spankings than all of my brothers combined.  Not that my father loved spanking me, matter of fact I know he hated it, but I was stubborn, I was hardheaded, and if it wasn’t for his love for me, to discipline me, Bubby would not be Elder T. Byron Williams, but Inmate 002346587.  But because of his example to be both a father and a daddy, it let me know that there much work for me to be the daddy that I have to be to my daughter.   As I had the example of how to be a man and a father, a lesson that as I observed is not being taught anymore.

So I thank God for each butt whipping, I thank God for each time my parents (momma included) told me no, I thank God for each time they told me you can’t do that and you can’t do this, I thank God for each time they checked my homework and went to PTA, though I hated it then (wasn’t a honor role student) but they were just loving me.  As were are the parents who knew that giving a child an IPOD,  a laptop, or whatever is not showing them love, but giving them direction, giving them discipline, and setting the example how a young man or woman should carry themselves is a blessing from God.  As I was blessed beyond measures…..God knows I was.

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