Bishop William L. Bonner

president_sm_portraitBishop William Lee Bonner was born on November 12, 1921 in Bolden County Georgia, to Emmett and Janie Bonner. Bishop Bonner was married to the late Ethel Mae Smith Bonner. He is the father of two children, Ethel Mae Bonner Archer and William Lee Bonner, Jr. Bishop Bonner’s ministry began in the 1940s under the tutelage of the late Bishop Robert C. Lawson, (1883-1961), founder of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith. His first pastorate was the Green Avenue Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Brooklyn, New York.

It was in 1944 that Bishop Lawson sent Bishop Bonner to Detroit to pastor the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It was a store front. Today, it is a two thousand five hundred (2,500) seat edifice known as Solomon’s Temple. In 1961, upon the death of Bishop Lawson, Bishop Bonner became the pastor of the three thousand (3,000) member mother church, the Greater Refuge Temple in Harlem, New York City. Apostle Bonner currently pastors churches in Detroit, Michigan, New York City, Washington, D.C., Jackson, Mississippi, and Columbia, South Carolina.

He is the Chief Apostle and Senior Prelate of the General Assembly of the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. This is an international body of churches. Under his administration, the assembly has grown from one hundred and fifty-five (155) churches in 1961 to over five hundred (500) churches and missions throughout the world. He has faithfully kept the charge of the founder Bishop Lawson, to “Add Thou to It”. Bishop Bonner received his religious education and the Doctor of Divinity through the Church of Christ Bible Institute in New York City. Pastor Bonner is listed in “Who’s Who in Religion” (1985). Bishop Bonner’s ministry is based on prayer and faith in God. His message is one of hope and deliverance. He believes that those who pray can expect a miracle. The Refuge Temple of Washington, D.C. was founded December 12, 1989, by Bishop William L. Bonner. The first services were held at Days Inn, at 12th and K Streets, N.W. In February 1990, Kelly Miller Junior High School, located at 49th and Brooks Street, N.E., became the church’s final temporary home. The Lord blessed Pastor Bonner to acquire the land for the church in three weeks. On October 27, 1990 the church held a ground breaking service. On June 1, 1991, the first service was held at the new edifice for Refuge Temple Church. God has miraculously brought this work to pass, demonstrating that this is only the beginning for the continuous winning of souls for His Kingdom in the Washington, D.C. area.

The ground breaking for Refuge Temple of Columbia, South Carolina was on July 20, 1993. It was organized with only twenty-two (22) members. Within three years, the congregation grew to seven hundred (700). The church is located on twelve and one-half (12.5) acres in the Eau Claire section of Columbia. Pastor Bonner’s ministry in Columbia also consists of the Family Life Center, Retirement Community and the W. L. Bonner Bible College. Previously taped television broadcasts can be viewed every Sunday at six o’clock a.m. on WIS-TV, channel ten. Previously taped radio broadcasts can be heard nightly at ten o’clock p.m. on WMFV, channel 95.3, both in the Columbia viewing and listening area.

On Friday April 3, 2015, the Chief Apostle, Bishop William Lee Bonner, made his transition and went from labor to reward, to rest in Jesus.  For Bishop Bonner will truly be listed among the great Apostolic Fathers.  

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  1. Praise the lord everyone. 9 years ago I was divorsed from my ex husband due to his hard heart. After I see my ex husband in vision entering the church and coming towards me,vision of him in my mom”s house and at my house in white clothes and white roses in his hand. I ask the lord to reveal to me what this means. That it be the lord speaking to me. god bless you

  2. It was maybe on a week night during a revival , when this man of God ( Apostle W.L.Bonner) says that he believed that I the seekers come back to the alter to and pray 15 minutes more , that the Lord would bless.Well supposed that he was speaking to me, so I want back to the alter ,and I was bless. Because I hear sounds like a loin come out of my mouth.I remember being on the floor , and I could not get up because I had no control over the matter. The women of God in white clothes praying for me; they tarried with me . After I was able to stand to my feet, I said in my heart that my family should have been there to see what the Lord has done for me. A mental thought came to my mind that my family is there( the people of the Lord). If my memory does not fail me, this testimony goes bask to about 1976-1977). I could remember that my son was about 2 years of age or younger when I got this great blessing.
    I am so glad this man of God did not tell me to give the preacher my hand and God my heart.Otherwise , I would have been walking around thinking that I was a born again believer, Instead, I do believe that the Lord help me and made that lion sound leave me.That is why I praise t Lord use the people of God at the Greater refuge Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, in New York city to be a blessing to me, I am am a member this church. I live in Miami Florida, and I am a member the missionary board as a Mother Margaret J. Jones, instead of being in the Rum Bar.
    Many thinks to all that aided me in my time of need,
    Margaret Jones

    • My Microsoft word on my laptop computer had stopped working when I wrote the toughing testimony about how the Lord Jesus delivered me form a condition that I was not even aware of.That is, until Jesus stepped in to picture , Oh how , glad I am that Jesus dose not stop blessing, Even when man refuses to bless. So please over look the spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

      My son was yet a very young child when the good Lord smiled on my life. He is a grown man now, who was raised , with the help of the people of God. Caring for him and my daughter , and teaching them both the way that they ought to go. My son says that he heard himself speak in tongue after he want off to school. and my daughter -in- law says that she heard my daughter speak as well.

      This man child got baptized according to the teaching of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ , at about age 14 years old, as well as my daughter when she was about five years old. During their school years, I hoped that the Lord would protect them, and I do believe that the Lord has blessed them, and I know that the Lord kept my son from harm and danger. On one occasion, .according to his testimony,he was saved from getting robbed in the city, while attending drivers educational classes to learn how to drive.We used to always have to catch a ride to the place of worship or use the city bus. In later years, he has an automobile,and my girl child also has an automobile.

      God also protect my daughter as well, according to her testimony, she was held her up at gun point and they took doughnut or candy money from her that she was raising for a school project. I could remember how I had the desire, not to tarry ,but to go straight home from church that night , and as soon as I walked in the yard or in the the door, the child ( in the 12 grade of school) says that she was robbed ,while walking home from night classes ( so that she might graduate on time). A t this instance, there was no visible evidence pf harm to my child. Oh how, I praise the Lord for His protection. Although these events occurred in the 1990s , it is fresh in my mind how good the Lord Jesus is.
      By the way, this young women is currently working out of the state of Florida at Alabama State Universality; however, she dose not hold a college degree. Now I say, that God is good.

      I asked the Lord ( when I was younger) to allow me to live to raise my children, and the Lord did just that. Now the boy desired to go out of state go to college , and while he is at college, he meets a young women who is from Detroit Michigan ,she says that she was baptize in the name of the Jesus, they got married .Besides, after about five year , more or less , they have a fine baby boy. Later they have another boy child, therefore, I have two grandsons.

      I often wonder , whether the people of God who lives in the big city of the Bishop Bonner commission’s Church told my daughter -in -law. about the goodness of Jesus.The young women is form Detroit Michigan , I heard that Solomon;s Temple is in that city. Later , a family member says, that the young women had a copy of the Bishop book entitled “The uncontrolled emotions of young save adults” . Then, after hearing this account, I felt that these young people was in good hands and that they was aware of the plights of the emotional roller coaster type situations that plague young folks today. She got her degree as the book suggest and in the duration of time , she contained to aide her husband to obtain oi his degree.

      In final, earlier years a had a chance to read portions of this outstanding text , and I found it to be very insightful for me.In fact, I found some of my lives events written on some of the pages of this book. Surely,.I do believe that the Lord Jesus inspired the Bishop to write this book. I held the passage form the text in my heart for many years, and this resource helped my to remain focused. Then I sought to make a change in my economic conditions of dependency for state aid.Now, in the duration of time, I met the requirements for my Bachlors degree at age 64 years.I was on wellfare for about 14 years. indeed, not anymore.

  3. Apostle Bonner is anoiting man od God I like to hear him on the radio and when he came to his church in Washington D.C. we have a good time.

  4. My uncle who is also my pastor loves the preaching and teachings of Bishop Bonner. There aren’t very many preachers on tv he will listen to but he will always listen to the Bishop. He has old VCR tapes of some of his sermons. I would love for my uncle to meet him. Please give me instruction on how to schedule a revival with the Bishop.

  5. Psalms 37:4. Delight thyself also in the Lord – Expect all thy happiness from him, and seek it in him. The desires of thine heart – משאלות mishaloth, the petitions. The godly man never indulges a desire which he cannot form into a prayer to God.

  6. Saddened to hear of the Bishop’s passing. I enjoyed listening to Bishop Bonner on 1190 WLIB on Tues & Thu nights. He was truly anointed. I loved the way he taught the Word of God. He will be sorely missed globally.


  7. To my father in the gospel, Pastor Bonner rest in peace! Even after your passing – many shall continue to give their lives to the Lord because of your teachings, your faith, and belief in this Great gospel. Pastor Bonner spoke over my life in service one Sunday morning, and told me to hold up my pocket book – little did he know at the time that I had only $5.00 in my purse just enough to catch the subway back to Brooklyn. Today, I am $300,000 wealthier than I was 15 years ago. He was truly a Prophet and man of God!!

  8. I entered the doors of Refuge Temple in August 1976 and I was the only Native American there. But in Christ there is no separation of persons. I was a 26 year old Oglala Lakota man then and I am very grateful to him. Bishop Bonner was a good man who went through many trials, may he rest in peace until the resurrection of the just.
    Evangelist Jaguar Thunderwolf

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