The Apology of Kirk Franklin (2015)

kirk-franklinI wanted to make sure I read Kirk Franklin apology to the homosexual world, from the black church, before I made a comment.  So I read it twice, I read it twice, to make sure just what Kirk was saying. Sadly, I realize that many homosexuals do have their foot in the door of the gospel music world, so many might be careful in offending them, so again, I didn’t want to support Franklin or criticized him until I read the article.

After reading the story, I’m still not sure what angle he was taking.  Now if he was saying that maybe the church usage of such language as sissies, punks, fags, and such from the pulpit is wrong, then I can agree with him. For instance, though it was humorous, but when former member of the COGIC and pastor, Dr. Earl Carter, made the statement, if the homos want to be a woman so bad, let them bleed out of their butt, funny, but not God like. So if the presentation might be too harsh and mean, then I agree with Brother Franklin.

But what we cannot change, what the Word of God says.  If God says it’s an abomination, then we can’t change that.  If we say that they are worthy of death, then we can’t change that.  Yes! We can do it in love, and let them know that Christ died for them as well, just as he did for the liar, the fornicator, the thief, the liar, and so on, but we cannot change the Word of God.  I know that didn’t change it for me, I grew up in Holiness or Hell area, and my sins were preached on, and preached on hard.  And that I will never apologized for.

But since we are in such an apologetic mood, then I have one question, who’s going to apologize to the church, the Body of Christ. Who’s going to apologize for letting the spirit of homosexuality filtrate the church and our music, and our young people?  Who is going to apologize for letting lip gloss men sing Zion songs?  Yes, just like any sinner, we are to present the gospel and open the doors for all to be saved, but we should be apologize when let them in ministry, when all can see that something in the milk isn’t clean.  For once we preached in the holiness church on women wearing earrings, and now the men are wearing them.  Maybe you are and maybe you are not, but my Bible says to shun the very experience of evil.  Somebody needs to apologize to the people of God for lowering our standard, but more important, we need to repent to God.   Somebody needs to tell God…..I’M SORRY.

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