The Prerequisite of a Praise

New In Robe AnticThere is an old joke of the town drunk, which was staggering down the street, and fell backwards, at the time he felt something wet running down his legs. He reached beneath his pants and saw it was blood, to that he said…”Thank you Jesus, it’s not my liquor”

I remember running into an old teacher of mines, and seeing him, I saw that he had lost weight. Without being nosey, but yet wondering, I asked him how he’s been doing.  He replied because of his lifestyle, I went to the doctor and found out I have diabetes, and then he said, thank you Jesus, I thought I had AIDS.

Many in the church today proudly confess I am praiser; there is a song that says praise is what I do.  There is another song that I have praise on the inside and I can’t keep to myself.  I am first to say that that God deserve all the praise, all of the praise is due him.  But the name Judas means praise, so a trader can praise God.  A drunk as you saw in the example, can praise God, a homosexual who has not contracted the HIV virus, or AIDS, can praise God.  A prostitute who wasn’t killed over money by her pimp or customer, or a drug user didn’t die, because of a drug overdose. As the prerequisite is not salvation, it’s not being filled with the Holy Ghost; it’s not water baptism, or having your name on the church role. The only qualification of giving God praise is having breath, as the Bible says let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Let the unsaved, let the saved, let the cat, the dog, and the birds, whoever, if you are breathing, then you are qualified to give God praise.

But to take that praise to a higher level, the Bible says that they “worship” Him, worship Him in spirit and in the truth.  Worship Him in the spirit of His spirit, and the truth of who He is.  So let us give the praise, He is worthy, but let us not be satisfied with just that,  as God is a sprit, and they that worship, must be born again, filled with His spirit, to worship Him in sprit and in the truth. As the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.  (John 4:23)

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