Our Shame Of Our Youth (2011)

Anyone who really knows me knows that I am unapologetic about my love for my daughter, with no shame I try my best to spoil her.  But at the same time, though she is my angel, I know she is not an angel, as I know what she is and I know what she is not…..(back to my daughter later).

 I am an observer of people, their personalities and even more how they carry themselves, as I can sit on the bus, subway, or just walk down the street and find people so interesting.  As one can see so much in a person just by the way that they carry themselves in public, and as I look at our youth today, I am seriously disturbed what I see.  The other day I saw two girls, who had to around my daughter who is 15 years old, but these two girls who were obviously lesbians, in their early teens, on the bus, with no shame kissing, hugging, and feeling on each other in public speaks to the moral decay of our world.  I don’t want to see that in public with heterosexuals, so I surely don’t want to see it with what God calls an abomination.  Our young know more curse words than they do proper English, our young boys in the black community call each other nigger, and the girls’ call each other (excuse me) bitches in endearment, which I will never understand.  Today young people have no respect for teachers or anyone in authority, I have heard young people say things to their parents which would have had me in a coma, and the courts are not helping telling us what we can and cannot do in raising our children.  I am amazed when I hear children telling their parents what they will and will not do.  I am so sick of seeing young men showing their underwear with their paints hanging down off of them, I am sick of young ladies dressings like ho’s and calling it sexy, in reality it’s dressing like a slut.  I could go on and on with the moral decay of your young, which I think many share the blame. But whatever the origin is, the answer is the same, even for my daughter.  Yes! My daughter who has a 4.1 grade average, dresses like a young lady should dress (thanking the Lord for her mother), who does not curse (though she does have a smart mouth). Yes! My daughter who is not an angel, but she is my angel, who I am so proud of, have the same problem that many children have in their lives.  THEY NEED JESUS.

My daughter has been baptized in the Name of Jesus, according to Acts 2:38, but has not been filled with the Holy Ghost, and I speak that to my shame.  I don’t care how many I reach through my ministry, to me it’s worthless if my baby dies and goes to Hell.    To many preachers we try to save the world and forget to save our homes.   Yes! My daughter I feel can be anything she wants, a doctor, a lawyer, she has that type of mind, but what would it accomplish her or anyone else, if they gain the whole world and lose their souls.

So the Lord has laid on my heart to take a special time of prayer to pray for the salvation of our children.  To go before the Lord and cry unto him, as I have to cried before Him concerning my own daughter salvation, seeking Him with all of my heart.  Not mines only, but yours as well concerning their souls and their salvation.  So join me in prayer, email me their names at agape_worldwide@yahoo.com, as I seek the Lord, because while many of us are saved, shouting and speaking in tongues, talking about favor, but at the same time our children, our nieces nephews, cousins, children in the neighborhood are going to Hell.   I SPEAK THIS TO OUR SHAME.

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