But Is It Sin? “The Question” (2010)

In my continuation to address issues that the church is afraid to touch, I must admit that I too felt a little uneasy in touching this subject.  In 2007 I did a lesson on the bed being undefiled, and while many supported the blog, many left in anger, saying that I was out of line in my teachings.  Well! Here I go again, going into areas that the church will not address.   I say this with great assurance,  as before even beginning to write this blog, I ask many lay people, pastors, bishops, and those outside the church world for their opinion, and not to my surprise, it was many pastors to fail to address the issue.  Nevertheless….here it goes.

I cannot tell you how many emails I get personally dealing with subjects that many cannot or will not talk to their pastors about, which is something that must change.  But I receive an email from a couple who have been married a little more than a year.  The problem is that his job keeps them apart about 4 months out of the years, the question was would that be in sin if they masturbated over the phone….. (Lawd! Jesus).  I almost passed out when I read it.  Like I said, I asked many their opinions and thoughts, and they were all over the place, some from yes, some said church folks ought to stay out of people bedrooms, and then some just sent this couple straight to Hell, do not pass go.  So before I get into my answer, let us look briefly at what others said:

One pastor said: In this scenario, I don’t see anything wrong with it.  As long as the “married couple” doing with each other, without pornographic help, they are fine.  Marriage is honorable and the bed is undefiled.  It’s just long distant foreplay.  But another said that it is sin, even though the Bible does use the word, masturbation, but trust it can lead to other things.

Some even said that masturbation could cost one eternity and lose their soul, quoting 1st Corinthians 6:9…..abuser of themselves with mankind.  This same sister except for the breast, even oral sex was a sin between married people.   So according to them it was an act of sinning according to their own lust.  Over and over many said like the Apostle Paul that we are to crucify our flesh, which includes masturbation, even for married folks.   As one sister said, though sex is a part of marriage, it should not come before quality time spent together and loving each other for who they are.

But back to the other view, as one brother stated 1st Corinthians the 7th chapter,…. Nevertheless to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and every wife have her own husband.  Because the wife has not power over her own body, but the husband, neither does the husband have power over his own body, but the wife.  But in verse 9 it says if one cannot sustain from sex, it’s better to marry than to burn.  This brother went on to say that if both the husband and wife agree, and there is no pressure for either, he saw no problem with it.  Then there was the 3rd view…..”CHURCH STAY OUT OF MARRIED FOLKS BEDROOMS”.         

So there you have it, the question, and in part two,  Elder T. Byron Williams will give his answer, as I have prayed and studied,  before even tempting to do this blog.  I know no matter what I say, someone is going to disagree, some may even leave the blog site, it has happen before.  But I will now, as I said then…..if I am wrong, let God be my judge.   

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