The Older Son (2012)

One of the greatest parables in the Bible is the story of the Prodigal Son.  Over the years, this son has been almost celebrated and for what……he came back home.  But to come back home, one has to first has to leave home and so this young man who left home because he wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now.  He wanted hisinheritance, didn’t want to wait until the passing of his father, as many have been impatient in wanting what is meant for us, but outside the timing that has been established.  

So here is the young son, who leaves home, he has his inheritance, he spends it all up chasing women, he has to find a job feeding the pigs and it hits him that the pigs are eating better than himself.  So it hit him in the gut, as in the Bibles, he came to himself, he got his wits about him and goes back to his father’s house.  When his dad sees him from a distant and realize that his son his coming back home, they prepare a feast, kill the fastest calf, put the best robe on him, and have a big old party to celebrate the return of the son who had squared everything.  And the Bible says that when the other son heard the noise and found out that his father was throwing a party for the return of his younger brother, he question why was he throwing his brother a party, when it was him who had been the good son, all of his life. Briefly, I want to deal with the “Older Son’. 

To understand the feelings of the older son, one must get off their high horse of religious mentality and put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel if you did what was right, did the correct thing all of your life, and never shown appreciation.   How many are in the church that has served on the usher board, sang in the choir, but not a lead voice, worked in the kitchen, cleaned the church, but never even given a plague, never mention in church for a job well done.  Yet when June Bug comes back to church after being on drug, when Baby Sis after having 3 kids out of wedlock, comes back to church, there is rejoicing, there is shouting, for their return.   The Bible says there will be more rejoicing in heaven for the one that returns and repent, than for the 99 that need not to repent. So again, how would you feel.  When you were the only child that helps with parents when they became old, but never shown appreciation for doing what is right.    How would you feel?  

But the father said to the older son, but for your faithfulness all that I have is yours, we are celebrating just the return of your brother, who was lost but now he is found.  I am here to encourage someone to keep doing right, because your inheritance is much greater if you hang in there.   The Bible says be not weary in well doing, for you shall reap if you faint not. (I know this only a blog, but I am beginning to feel something).  For your reward will be much greater.  For the song wrote,  “if when you give the best of your service, telling the world that the savior has come, be not dismay, when folks don’t believe, He’ll understand and say Well done.”.   So woe unto you when men speak well of you, for if man lifts you up, man can also bring you down.   For when you do what is right, when you are the “Older Son”, you may not be celebrated on earth, but I can hear THE FATHER, say all that I have will be yours,  for there is greater reward for the being the other son, because  in God’s eyes you are the faithful son.  Well done thy that good and faithful servant.    

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