Holy Ghost Filled (Necessity or Not)

I thank God for the time period that I grew up in the Apostolic Pentecostal church, yes there were some man-made rules, but one thing we did agree on that one must had to have the baptism of the Holy Ghost in order to be saved. Now let me say before I go on that no time in my writings will I ever say who is saved, and who is not, but at the same time I will not sugar coat the Word of God to save feelings and lose a soul. Moving on…..

A brother wrote me at the beginning of the year and asked a question: What is my opinion on one being saved and filled, or being saved and then filled. In other words, if I understand the question or better yet, the subject of this blog can one be saved without the baptism of the Holy Ghost. In 1994 an author and preacher by name of Tony Campolo, wrote a book entitled….”How to Be Pentecostal without Speaking in Tongues”. With that being said, I am again an Apostolic Pentecostal, one that believes in the teachings of the Apostles, which started on the day of Pentecost. And on that day three very important things happen, they were filled with the Holy Ghost, they spoke in tongues, and they were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. All through the Bible each time it is recorded of one receiving the Holy Ghost, they spoke in tonques.  When the early believers were filled, they spoke in other tongues and the same holds true today. Millions of believers worldwide share the exact testimony: when they initially were baptized with the Holy Ghost they spoke in tongues.

This is the truth which Pentecostals consistently affirm. The prophecy of Joel 2:28, 29, cited by Peter in Acts 2:16, 17, links today’s Spirit-filled believers with those who were filled with the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. The Spirit’s fullness, evidenced initially by the phenomenon of speaking in other tongues, is the common experience all celebrate with joy. Yet the question remain, because many will agree that when one receives the Holy Ghost they speak in other tongues, but at the same time they will say it is not needed to be saved. And let me move away from the subject of tongues as well and more on the baptism of the Holy Ghost and if it is needed for salvation. Because many will say that I am filled of the spirit, but I haven’t been baptized in the spirit…..is this possible according to the Word of God.

The word filled in defined, as to put into (a container, for example) as much as can be held: fill a glass with milk. To supply or provide to the fullest extent: filled the mall with new stores. The Word baptism is definition of full water immersion. The Greek for the word ‘baptizo’ means to immerse, plunge, or bury in water. The very Greek word itself excludes it from meaning “sprinkling.” So by its meaning alone the question must be asked, how can be filled and not have it’s fullest extent. T his is not a half full or half empty, according how you look at it teaching. Either you are, or you are not. So the last question, if I am not filled with the Holy Ghost and just believe can I still be saved. Well Romans 8:9 says,” If anyone has “not” the spirit of Christ, they are none of His.” It takes more than believing, demons believe as well and they tremble. But it is the Spirit, the Holy Ghost spirit of God that we are sealed, not by our belief, not by water baptism, not by our faith, all needed and very important, but it by the Spirit that we are sealed to the day of the redemption.

There is no way that I can do this subject justice in this format, so I am just giving something to think about. But I will say this to those that believe the baptism of the Holy Ghost is just an added on blessing, but not needed for salvation. I will say to you that is it better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Or like the late Bishop H.C. Brooks last sermon….MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE HOLY GHOST.

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  1. I was brought up in the Catholic Church. I was baptised as an infant, now you know can’t baptize an infant. As I became older I was confirmed. The archbishop layed hands on me, of course I didn’t speak in tongues. As I became older, I was sitting in the church, at the time I didn’t know that GOD was dealing with me. The Bible says many are called, few are chosen. My first cousin’s sister-in-law witnessed to me and invited me to a young people’s meeting at the Way Back to Pentecost Church, I was convicted by the word of GOD. I was baptised in the Name of Jesus. I left that church and went to the Way of the Cross, one sunday morning in October God filled me with the Holy Ghost when the word was going forth. The sister was singing the Song, “God’s Tomorrow will be better than today”.

  2. Jesus said…If I don’t leave He, meaning the Holy Spirit, will not come. Jesus also said…”I will not leave you comfortless”. The filling of the Holy Ghost is not only necessary, but a requirement in order to go to heaven. JOHN 3:5-Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

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