ElderWilliamsAnew2-1One of the keys in a successful life in Christ Jesus is belief. Jesus said, if you only believe all things are possible, as it is our belief or faith in God that He is able to all things through us.  As our belief is the key to finding eternal life with the Lord and receiving the blessings of the Lord.

But belief is not enough, as not only He has taught us to belief, but also how to believe.  As the devil and the demons believe that there is God, so He says that if you believe, you are doing well, but He also let us know that belief was not enough, as He made the statement…..”Believe on me as the “scriptures has said, (not as your church, your pastors, your denomination) but as the scriptures have said, then out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters. (John 7:38)

So not only am I to believe on Jesus, I find out I have believe what Jesus said, who He is, and believe on what he said.  So should I be baptized, or is baptism just a symbolism, but not needed for salvation.   I know many churches teaches that it is not, but Jesus said different….he that believe and IS BAPTIZE shall be saved. Not just he that believe, but he that believe and is BAPTIZE shall be saved. (Matthew 16:16).  If one is to believe, then one should also know the identity of who they believe in.   Is Jesus just the Son of God, is He part of a godhead trinity, or He is just plain God all by himself, Jesus gave us scripture of who he was and is.  The Bible tells us in John 3:16 that God so love the world that He gave his only begotten Son, just by this alone we should believe that the Father sent the Son, but Jesus didn’t stop there.  When Phillip asked Jesus to show us the Father, Jesus replied in the 14th chapter of St. John, “When you see me, you have seen the Father, so why ask show us the Father”   He made it even clear in St. John 12:44-45, when He said, “Whoever believes in me, believe not only in me, but the one that sent me”  Then in 45th verse He lets us know who sent Him, “And he that sees me, see the one that sent me”  In other words, Jesus sent himself, meaning that Jesus is the Father in divinity, but the Son in flesh. Even with explanation of the Holy Ghost, he says that Father would send in His name, but He also said later that He would send the Holy Ghost in His name (St John 14:26 and 15:26.  So are both sending the Holy Ghost, or is Jesus both Father, and Son, and the Holy Ghost, that comes in Jesus Name.  Again, believing on Jesus as the scripture said.

So in closing, we should believe in what Jesus said, how to be baptized, or in the formula of that “one” name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Thus that is why Peter and rest of the apostles, believing in that one name, baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ on the day of Pentecost, as they believed that was no other name that one is saved by.   In this blog we mostly dealt with passages by Jesus, but he did say believe on me as the scripture has said, not just the Gospels, but the whole Bible.  And if one really wants to know who to believe in and what to do believe in, and how to believe, then do as Jesus said, believe on me as the scriptures has said (the whole Bible) then and only then shall  rivers of living water, shall flow out of your belly.     

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