My Freaknic Experience

A friend of mines has just moved to Atlanta Georgia, it got me to thinking about the 1st time I visit Atlanta.

It had to be about 1991 or 92 at the latest that I was sent to Atlanta Georgia to preached at a church that was founded by my pastor, but at that time it didn’t have a full-time pastor.  I was sent there about 2 or 3 times, but this is the story about my first time…..MY FREAKNIK experience.  

I think it was April of that year (not sure) that I was sent there, the only problem I am not the most socialable person in the world.  Being raised a PK and being a minister about 7 years at the time, I knew the tradition of being social to the visiting minister and one should be.   But again, I am not that socialable and just wanted to come to Atlanta and spend a day by myself.   So I lied (did I mention that I wasn’t ordained yet)… I told them that my plane was arriving late that night, in reality my plane got in about 11 am that Saturday morning.  So after arriving, I took a short nap, but became bored, so I decided to venture out and see the city for myself.

As I begin to walk on that nice warm day, I found the Underground Shopping area and stayed there for about a hour or so, got something to eat, and then I decided to venture out a little more…….but I should have kept my behind in the  underground.

As I begin to walk, I saw a large gathering in a park, so I went to see what it was.  And Lawd Jesus, My Gawd, what did my eyes behold.  I assume that it was some harmless RB concert  , but all this young Minister T. Byron Williams saw was half or less than half naked women.  Now understand that I was saved and sanctified, Holy Ghost filled and fire baptized….and all the rest.  But that which spirit is spirit and that which is flesh is flesh, and it was time to crucify the flesh.   Don’t know how long I stayed there, but I do know that the flesh wasn’t ready to die.     

I went back to my hotel (alone) and was expected to prepare a sermon, and too this day I have no idea what I preached about.  Should have preached from the Song of Solomon, who knows, all I know was when I tried to do good, evil was with me and evil never looked so good.

Well!  That was 1992 and it 2011 now, am I saying that I could handle Freaknik better today (and I do know that the festival is no more)…..unlikely.  But I what I do know is though one might be saved, know your limitations.  As  when one receives the Holy Ghost, not only will you receive power, but pray that you receive common sense.

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