9th And D

100_0834On Sunday, June 29, 2014, at 3pm, will be the last service at a place that I have called home for over 50 years, the Mother Church of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ International.  And though the move to the new edifice is needed, to me is a bittersweet move. 

When I was born the church was located at 4th and Virginia Ave, SE, Washington, DC, where service was held for 28 years, but in 1963, when I was 3 years old, they moved to 9th and D Street NE, in Washington, DC, where we have been more 50 years.  And though the Lord has bless the congregation to be able to move to its new location soon, in the DC suburbs of Maryland, the move for me will be celebratory , yet it will be very sad as well, because for most of my 54 years of living, 9th and D has been the place to be.  My connection with the 9th and D location started before I was born, as my grandparents move directly across the street from the building in 1957,  and so since the church didn’t move in 1963, it seems that I have been running from  Grandma house to the Way of the Cross Church of  Christ all of my life.

100_1942For this is the building where I was dared by my cousin to drop a paper fan from the balcony and did it (got caught though), this was the building where I hooked Sunday school, almost got caught, but got away.  This is the building where at age 8, I accepted the fact I had a soul that had to be saved, so I walked to the altar that seem so long and said I wanted to be baptize, and to my surprise and joy, I was baptized in the precious Name of Jesus Christ, by my father, the late Elder Elijah Williams.  And though Daddy left in 1969 to take his ministry in a different direction, 9th and D always was home, for it was the place where my spiritual foundation was birth.

There is a song that was written by Jesse B. Pounds entitled “The Way of the Cross leads home, which became our theme song, and in 1990 it never seem so true. As I was now in the ministry, but after the death of my father, I was completely lost and fought the calling  tooth and nail, but after being discipline by the Lord, I was instructed to go back “home”.  So I was return to the building that seem so familiar to me, and once again, but new memories were about to birth. 

100_1947So it was in the same ole 9th and D, where I preached with honor from the pulpit where our founder, the Late Bishop Henry C. Brooks preached, it was at the ole 9th and D, where I baptized over 25 people at one time, doing a service for the homeless that was established by the late Mother Isabelle Ford.  It was at ole 9th and D, doing a 24 hour shut in that I would meet Yolanda Dewberry, who would become my wife.  It was the same ole 9th and D, in about 2002 or so, Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks, my dad in the gospel, prophesied over me, right in the middle of a sermon that I was chosen.  And even after I  left again, this time as an adult to start my own ministry, back in the same pool, where I was baptized in 1968, I had the pleasure of baptizing my daughter Ciarah in the precious Name of Jesus in 2006.

Yes! 9th and D do hold some sad memories as well.  It was where I saw my father,, the Late Elder Elijah Williams , my grandmother Mother Pansy Neal, and my best friend, Buddy McFadden have their homecoming services as well.

100_1940I could go on and on, about the history of the years of the Mother Church at 9th and D Street, NE, but this is supposed to be a blog,  and not a novel.  It’s simple, it was because of the 9th and D, as a child, called, but not knowing, I would baptized my GI Joe’s in the Name of Jesus at home when taking a bath. Where I rather hear the preached Word over music, while sitting in the balcony with my friends, as there was spirit over a young boy that I had no idea would lead me to where I am today.   Ninth and D Street knew my calling,
way before I preached my 1st sermon, that100_1943 old building knew I had a calling on my life.  As that same spirit that has been with me, has be
en with congregation for more than 85 years, from 202 P Street NW, to 21st and M Streets, NW, to 4th and Virginia Ave, SE, to 9th and D Street, NE. This church that had been called Holy Rollers, Sanctified, Holiness, Pentecostal and Apostolic……those building s I believe they knew that Bubby was on the way someday.    Good-bye ole 9th and D, as there is a little red-headed boy who just wants to say thank you for the foundation you built in my life.   See you next at 1800 Hazelwood Drive in Capitol Heights, MD.

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