New In Robe AnticThe Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is no greater message. It’s the life, the death, burial, the resurrection, and return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It’s a message of hope, of love, of truth, and of salvation.  For I too can say like the Apostle Paul, I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it’s the power of unto salvation.  So if the Gospel is perfect as it is, with no need to change not one dot or period, then why isn’t changing or so it seems the lives as it once did?  I think the reasons are many.

 One reason is the truth of the Gospel, the Bible says the day would come (and I believe that day is here) that man would not endure sound doctrine; they would rather hear a lie than the truth.  In other words, people don’t want to hear the truth of the scriptures, as it does saves, but it also convicts, and exposes the sin in our lives.

But another reason I feel is the presentation of the Gospel in the modern church. For example, I invite you over to my house for dinner and fixed everything you like, and it’s to perfection.  But instead of putting it on a plate, I put it on a trash can lid, wouldn’t that take away from the perfection and the taste of the food.  Would you eat or partake of the meal, even though the food is wonderful.  It’s all about the presentation and our presentation of the Gospel in my opinion has become an issue.

I know we refer the gospels, as the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but in reality, it’s not their gospels, but it’s their writings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In other words, it’s about Jesus, it’s always about Jesus, not about T.D. Jakes, not about Noel Jones, not about the Preachers of LA, not about my pastor, not about your pastor, it’s about Jesus and always will be about Jesus. And anything that take our mind off the Gospel takes away the most important part of how we present the Gospel.

When our dress and what we wear get more attention than the Gospel, we need to change our presentation.  When our amour bears looks more the secret service and  get more attention than the Gospel, we need to change our presentation.  When our praise dancing and music ministry get more attention that the Gospel then we need to change our presentation. I know the Bible says man looks on the outer appearance, but God looks on the heart.  But it does not mean we could care less about outer appearance, because it’s the outer appearance is what other see, and hopefully bring them to Christ.  And if what they see is us and not Christ in us……..then we need to change the presentation.  For the Gospel is not about a reality show, the Gospel is not about reinventing your talent to attract others, and not that any of these things are wrong, but when the conversation is more about the creation than the creator……..we need to change our presentation.

Jesus said if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.   This is the job of the believers, to lift up Jesus.  The Lord told me to take this never-changing Gospel, to an ever-changing world,  so we must be acceptable to change, but never to the point that our change, take the attention off the Gospel.   The moment that happens, then it’s time to CHANGE OUR PRESENTATION.

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