The Church Needs To Grow Some Balls (2012)

I am now taking this blog in a whole different direction than it was planned in the beginning, though the foundation of the message remains the same.  And the message is simple, many in the church, especially those in leadership; need to grow a pair, they need to have some balls. How can we who read the same Bible come to the conclusion that homosexuality is a normal part of life, it might be a norm in today’s world, but it’s it not normal at all.  The Bible calls it the unnatural use of the body.   How can people such as Rev Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, who take on the roles as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, tell other Pastors to support President Obama on gay marriage, when God calls it an abomination?

I have heard some pastors say that it’s not church issue, but it is a society issue, so the church should stay out it.  Thank God the Black churches in the 50’s and the 60’s didn’t feel this way, or we still be in the back of the bus and not be able to eat at some restaurants.   Some have said that over the years many theologians have moderate or updated the Bible to fit today’s society, but who in the Hell (excuse me) gave anyone the right to touch God’s word.  Jesus told us that if anyone add or take away from the Word, that He would take their name out of the Lamb Book of life.  So leave it alone.  Yes fornication and adultery is wrong and you are reading the words of one who committed fornication and saved, while preaching the gospel. But God, not I, never called fornication or adultery, though sin; he never called it an abomination.   The Word of God never said those who committed such sexual sins are worthy of death, but he did say it about homosexual.   Some may ask why?  I believe it because it hinders God’s master plan to spread the Gospel.  If man lies with man, or woman with woman, then how they going to go forth and multiply, and if there no multiplying, then how are we going to go into all the world and be his witness, to tell others about Christ.  I am not a doctor, but as far as I know, they don’t make babies that way.  

I think the problem that too many ministers want to be liked and that should be the last thing that we should strive to do, yes respected, but never liked.  Jesus told us that men would “Hate” us for his name sake, we were warned to be careful, when men speak well of us, being liked is the last thing again that each man and woman should strive when we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even in the very essence of the gospel, which is the Good News, one must admit that they are no good and that you need a savior.   Dislike me if you must, but I have commanded to be cry loud and spare not.

What am I saying in closing, the church, not the CHURCH, but the physical church need to grow a pair, they need to have some balls and speak that which we are commanded.  In his lifetime, many left Jesus that followed Him, Jesus was controversial and spoke on many things that made others uncomfortable.    So when the question is asked what would what would Jesus if had a brother who was gay, I think He would’ve answered like this….”Who is my brother and sister, those who do the will of my Father. (Matthew 12:50)   And what did His Father say… If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. (Leviticus 20:13).  As that what Jesus would have said.  But how can pastors say that we have homosexuals leading out music ministry. In order to be the man or woman that we have been called be, I say it takes spiritual boldness, it’s take being able to stand up for righteousness, in an unrighteous world, not for fame, or money, but because it is the Will of God.  And in order to do this, then grow a pair, in other word the church needs some balls. 

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