The Recovery Room

2016-11-14-19-43-52-001-1When one has been through a major operation in their lives, after the surgery to make sure everything is alright they are put in the recovery room.  In the recovery all vital signs are checked, to see if the heart is working correctly, to see if the blood is flowing right, to see if the brain is responding, and then after and only after everything seem to be working, then the process of healing can begin and one can return to a normal life again.

Many of us in the body of Christ have been in the recovery room due to being in surgery in this game called life.  The reason for the operation might be numerous, some because of mistakes that we made, some of us because God allowed things to come upon us to take us where he want to go, but before we can go back to that which is our divine calling, our spiritual vital signs must be checked.  To see if our anointing if flowing in the power of the Holy Ghost, to see if our prayers is in the will of God, to see if our path is in the pathway of holiness.   And then and only then shall the Good Physician shall release us and return us into normal service unto the Lord.

I wrote a blog about a sinner being changed into a new creation in Christ Jesus and how a ex drug addict needed not to be a recovering addict, because in Christ he or she is new.   So for them it was time to come out of the recovery room.  But the Lord spoke to me and said not only are there ex addicts who need to come out of the recovery room, but there are saints they need to come out as well. We have been hurt, we have made mistakes, we have been wounded in the House of God, but just as the addict as had been made new, the Lord is bringing healing to the Body of Christ and crying come out of the recovery room. Yes! Your heart has been broken, but it’s time to come out of the recovery room, yes! Your faith has been shaken, but it’s time to come out the recovery room. There are scars from the situation, but it’s time to come out of recovery room. You may never again be the same, but God’s grace is more than enough to give you power over that which was lost.  As some have to make physical adjustments in their lives after a surgery, you might have to make spiritual adjustments. But in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, I speak to every believer and child of God, you are healed in your emotions, you are healed in your heart, you are healed in your spirit, and it’s time to come out of the recovery room.



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