The Forgotten Book??? (2011)

Growing up in the Apostolic Church we took great pleasure in saying that all other beliefs and denominations would preach the gospels, but would skip over Acts, and go right to Romans.  If that was true or not, then that is up to God   But what I do know that in my 51 years in church, I cannot think of one preacher to attempt to preach or teach from the Song of Solomon.  We don’t know how to handle it, it might challenge what many have been taught is taboo or wrong, even in the bedroom of married folks.

Back when I used to teach the Agape Email Ministry I taught a series on the Song of Solomon back in 2007, only God knows why.  But I do remember upsetting some, while where in shock and thankful for information that never knew was there and never heard in church.   Before going on, if anyone desire a copy of this teaching, just email me at, and I will send it to you as soon as possible.

While we know that the Song of Solomon is a story of the relationship of Solomon and the  Shulamite woman, and in the spiritual sense, it symbolized Jesus Christ and his bride, the Church.  But the language that it uses, makes many shy away from teaching it, because rigid teachings of what is right and what is wrong in the bedroom of married folks, which I feel for the most part ’t it isn’t the preacher business, nevertheless, the pastor might have to answer question that he rather stay away from it.  Terms such as and some teach:  A few examples.

  • 4:11 “honey and milk are under your tongue” – points to the depth and fullness of the kissing
    • 4:16 “Awake, O north wind and come, O south!” – She is asking her spouse to stimulate her garden with caresses to promote the growth of her sexual passion.
    • “Let my beloved come to his garden” – The Hebrew word (literally, “enter” or
      “come into”) is used frequently of sexual penetration (Genesis 16:2).
    • “eat of the sweet fruit” – the wife asks the husband to perform oral sex on her
    • 5:2 “my head is covered with dew” – ejaculation fluid drips from the lover’s penis
      • 6:11 “garden,” “vine,” “pomegranates” – all paint poetic pictures of the woman’s erogenous zones.
      • 6:13 “Shulamite” – a feminine form of Solomon.
      • 7:2 “naval” – generally translated today as “vulva.” round goblet” – refers to the female genitals.
  • “heap of wheat” – pubic hair.
  • 7:8 “climb the palm trees” – to enter her.

Now of course, as I said in the beginning, these are only symbolism, open up to different interpretations, but because of it….the Song of Solomon is a book that for most preachers is better yet left out of the pulpit….  But I like about the book it opens up communication and dialog, and this one of the things that I have tried achieve with this blog site.  Not always give answers, but for one to seek God for answers and the His spirit lead and guide us into truths.   

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