It  was 2006, much to my own fault, I started a downward spiral that sent me to into a state of depression that would affect me, spiritual, physically, and emotionally, and every facet with my walk with God.  I found myself out of will and in a backslidden state, with no desire to live and praying to die.    And for almost 3 years, I fought this battle unknown to most and while hiding behind my own self made fake apostolic pentecostal mask that hid the pain, the shame that I was feeling.  I had a shout, I had the tongues, and I know how to praise him in the public setting, but reality I was a broken man, who if died, had heaven as home, but no joy in the present life, and no hold of the abundance life that Christ had promise.

But it was in late 2009 the Lord show me a vision of me in after surgery and in the recovery room that would change my life.  He gave me a sermon, and not yet complete book that brought such relief that I had never known in my almost 30 years of being saved.  I pray that in these blogs that souls that are still in the recovery room, born again believers who are still in a state of depression,  as in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I speak peace into your life, and to come out of the RECOVERY ROOM.

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