Elijah and Burree “Together Forever”

Wedding DayBecause of laziness, I won’t add up the year, but I do know that was in the 1940’s at the Way of the Cross Church of Christ in Washington DC, I was blessed beyond measures.  Now understand I was not born until 1960, but in the forties, when a 14 year old teen met a 13 year old young lady, the favor of the Lord has been on my life ever since.  As the late Ruth McGhee Alford, invited her cousin, Burree Neal to her church, and there Burree would meet a young man named Elijah Williams, and the rest is history as they would say.

On November 21, 1954, these two childhood sweethearts took on holy matrimony, under the leadership of the Late Bishop H.C. Brooks, and for the next 32 years, a love story for the history books was birth.  Not to say that they were perfect, they had they ups and downs, like everyone who gets married, but they made a vow, to love, to honor, not until they got sick of each other, but until death would part them.  As there is not a day that I don’t thank God for my parents, as I always say and I am not bragging, or putting anyone down, but whenever I went to their bedroom, I only saw Elijah and Burree, Momma and Daddy, not Uncle So and So, not daddy’s co-worker, just my Momma and my Dad.

Now I wish I could say that it was love at first sight, wouldn’t that be a perfect story, but I cannot.  Daddy told me that we he first met Momma, he didn’t like her, as in his opinion, she thought she was cute.  Stuck on herself if you will.  Momma would say Daddy was just fighting his feelings, as he was whip from the beginning.  Who knows, I am just glad that they came together.

Because when they came together, a standard holiness was birth into my childhood.  An example of what a man should do to take care of him family, an example of what a marriage should be, a man not putting his ministry before his wife and children, and a help meet doing everything that she can to support the calling on her husband life.  As there is not a day that I don’t thank God for my parents, not that they were perfect, but they were perfect for each other.

Though I have never asked, but I am sure that Momma would marry Daddy all over again, though it ended much too soon.  As on October 12, 1985 after 32 years of marriage, Daddy at age 51 went home to be with the Lord.  At age 50, Momma was now a widow, at the time it seem both were up in age, but with 50 now staring me in the face, I realize how young they were.  I can remember the Saturday morning at 5 am, when Daddy passed away, with Momma in the bathroom crying, yet giving God praise, repeated saying, I love you Jesus.  Never understood at the time, why she said those things…maybe because in all those years, she never carried a grocery or trash bag, worked only if she wanted, never beat on, as I think back now, I know why she gave the Lord praise.

Here we are 23 years later, and Burree Williams is still Burree Williams, never married again.  She could, she vowed to Daddy and the Lord until death would they part.  But I didn’t know that her love for Daddy didn’t stop at the grave.  Maybe that is why at Daddy burial place on the tombstone is the engraving….Elijah and Burree Together Forever.  As Mom waits if the Lord tarry to rest with her Elijah until the rapture of His saints in that great getting up morning.

5-15-2009 9;44;05 AMI can remember about a month before Daddy passed, as I sat with him in such precious moments as I look back.  He told me some things that would happen to me and the path that I would have to take in my ministry….Lawd! The man was right.  But he also told me how much he loved my mother, Oh! Without a doubt he loved me and my brothers, but there was nothing like his Queen B.   I can still hear him say….I love your mother only second to Jesus and with tears in his eyes, he said and that is a close second at that.  Thank you Jesus for the love of Elijah and Burree Williams, like the tombstone says…..”TOGETHER FOREVER”

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